Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August Update - Rabbit,Rabbit,Rabbit

Hello my friends! Well, here we are August already. I must say that every year by August, I'm ready for Summer to end. I've never been a Summer person. Now Fall is a totally different story. So even though I'm sweating and walking around in flip flops, in my mind I'm wearing jeans, a sweater, cowgirl boots and I'm breathing in cool, crisp air..... ahhhhh. :)

Ok, back to reality. Let's catch up from last month shall we?

First off, I'm teaching three classes this year! I would love to see you there!

I'm teaching my "Beekeeper" Pincushion

My Heart Felt Notes

and my Peter's Pumpkin. We're going to have so much fun!

I was at quilt guild the other week and had a visit from my little fan girl and fellow bunny lover, Katy. She had her grandma, Candy, bring her over so she could show me her shirt. Isn't she adorable? She is a future quilter for sure as her grandma is super talented.

And if you are wondering about the brace on my hand, it's because our cottage is finally painted!!! Wooooooo hooooo! I think it turned out really nice and the neighbors have thought so too. I do have a basket with flowers hanging on the door, but it's hard to see from this photo. It's going to be fun to take photos every year and watch as the shrubs and tree grow.

The full moon the other night was incredible. David and I went to the beach with our friends, Patty and Jim to look at it. It was so beautiful watching it come up over the ocean. The rain clouds parted just long enough for us to enjoy it.

I'm making a quilt for my brother in law, Mitchell, as a thank you for all the help he gave us on our cottage. He's a master carpenter and wouldn't accept any payment, so I thought a quilt in colors he likes would be a nice gift. Sabrina gave it the snuggle, roll and nap test. She approved.

My "Within and Inch of my Life" project is growing and growing. I haven't missed a day since my birthday on March 27th!

Here are a few of my favorites from July.

I love this tree swing in a neighbor's yard. I'm always tempted to swing on it. hee,hee,hee.

The rain has brought us many mushroom houses and villages. I could live in this one. Magical!

This month also marked four years since I rescued Sabrina from the streets in our old neighborhood.

Speaking of anniversaries, the Cuddle Puddle has turned four!
Sabrina when I rescued her and the kittens she had three days later...

Sabrina now... how a loving home can make all the difference. ;)   She's my precious girl and I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

Every time I need a smile, I go back and watch a video of my cuddle puddle. Sweeeeeeeeeeet!

Deeks top, Miss Tiggy Wiggins below. They were always sleeping together and hanging out with each other as kittens.

Here are Deeks and Tiggy now. They are still as close as ever. Their mom, Jen, moved in with my friend, Shannon and life is so good for all of them!

Zeva, aka "Ziggy the Great" was the littlest and most adventures of them.

She still enjoys an adventure, but also loves taking a nap with her roommate, Allie. She's a princess living with Keith and Kim.

However, I do have some incredibly sad news to share. One of the cuddle puddle is no longer with us. I'm not going to get into what happened, but I will say that I'm so upset and feel truly betrayed by someone I trusted as a friend to care for one of my little cuddles. I guess my definition of friend and hers is different.

Shamus was such a beautiful kitten. He was the biggest of the cuddle puddle and had crossed eyes. He also loved to play the most.

His story didn't need to end.

I'm sooooooo sorry Shamus, you beautiful boy. My heart is broken.

I've learned so much about people over the past few years. They've hurt me, they've lied to me, they've betrayed me and they've used me. At 50 I have realized I can let go of people who bring me pain and I no longer have the energy to care that they are gone. I'm choosing to surround myself with people who really love me and who truly want to be in my life. One thing I've learned for sure is that sometimes, I just need to be my own superhero. The only one I can really save is myself. Wonderbun to the rescue.

See ya back here next month. Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Hello July - Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Am I the only one who is denial that it is July already? Good's going to be Labor Day before we know it. Time is just flying by! This sweet little White Rabbit was a gift for my 50th birthday from my dear friend Lydia. He is handmade and is only about 2" tall. I love him!

So how have you been? Has your summer started off on a fun note? Mine has been full of work. Work in the form of painting the exterior of the house. We are still at it six weeks later, but I can now say that as of today, the body of the house is complete and we are moving onto the trim. Thank you for all your comments last month. Blogger has been having an issue and not sending comments through to my email or anyone else for that matter. I'm not sure if they got it fixed. I don't think they really care, but I may have found a way around it so I can reply if you leave a comment. Ok... moving on.

The shutters or no shutters decision. It was really fun hearing from you and getting your thoughts on the shutters. It was a hard decision to make so I decided I would make it slowly as we painted.

Here, only the porch area had been painted. You can see the original color up top and to the left. It sure made the trim look really dirty and the rest of the house for that matter.

Next, we started painting the upper gable. At this point, I painted one shutter green and one a dark coffee brown and placed them on the right side of the porch.

Next we moved over to the lower part of the garage. It was here that I thought that our window trim was just too small and didn't have enough architectural interest against the new paint color. It just blended in and looked flat.  I love the paint color and so does everyone else. People kept stopping by to tell us how beautiful our house was looking and that they couldn't believe all the beautiful changes we made since we moved in. That sure made us feel good!

I decided I loved the dark coffee shutters over the green shutters. I love how they tie in the brown roof and the mulch in the yard and also how they look with the brick foundation. In addition, I love that clean, classic look, which is what I loved about having no shutters. So this was a good compromise.

I think the front porch looks so inviting now. We still have to paint the columns, trim and the porch swing. I'm painting the porch swing the dark brown.

Oh! I found this brass doorbell and just HAD to have it! Perfect huh?

David finishing up the left side of the house.

Another angle showing the garage shutters.When our bushes get bigger, it's all going to be so pretty!

So here it is for now. David is painting the ceiling of the porch as I write this. I think it is coming along nicely and fits into the "cottagey" feel of our neighborhood and the houses around us . Bunny ears crossed, I can show you the completed house next month.

Here's a few more photos from outside.

Our backyard is so peaceful. I love hearing the owls at dusk. Oliver and Olivia Owl have the most wonderful conversations every evening. I know she is asking him, "What do you want for dinner?" Like David, he is probably saying, "I don't know." hee,hee,hee.

My Gerber daisies are so pretty. I love watching them bloom.

The other side of the yard.

Our Hostas are loving it here beneath the trees.

Sylvia loves to stop by and visit as well. Not sure what she was eating, but she was really enjoying it!

This is a new plant I got to replace the one that the snow and ice killed. I can't remember the name of it, but it gets about 5' high by 3' wide. Oh and I had to have the bunny too. His name is Theo. ;)

This is Beverly. She came by one morning as I was headed out for my walk. I think she was coming to lay some eggs. Or perhaps she was headed back home. She lives in the forest behind my house.

This is a Southern Oak. It's across the street in my neighbor's yard. I look at it every day from my studio and from my kitchen. I love these magnificent trees. They take years and years to grow. My neighbors had it pruned last year.

Now every time I look at the tree, it looks back at me. See its eyes? I always tell it how beautiful it is and how happy it makes me to see it every day. It's so magical.

Moving inside, I got a new dining room table. I moved the other one up to my studio. I'm hoping to offer a few classes at my house. More on that later.

We also painted the ceiling. Only a few things left to do in this area, but it's looking pretty good so far. I love having a small house and not a lot of stuff. It's freeing not be controlled by too many things or too much space to take care of.

I make sure the things I have are special like this wooden mushroom I found at a local shop. I put it on the bookshelf with my hand carved soapstone bunnies. They like napping under it. ;)

On a side note about classes, my neighbor, Brandee, is expecting her first baby and wanted to learn to make a quilt. I was excited to teach her. However, she brought over this drawing of what she wanted to make. I told her it is more of a Quilting 105 class instead of Quilting 101, but I would give it a shot. LOL! Good thing I'm a designer.

I drafted the design, figured out yardage and she is now on her fourth lesson. It's turning out really cute and she is having fun. I will show you the finished quilt when she is done. There's a lot of things in this world I'm not good at, but I know that teaching and designing are my gifts that I am suppose to share with others.

We had a wicked storm the other week. The sky was evil, angry and dark. It was so weird watching clouds swirl around above my neighbor's houses.

Then all of a sudden, this beautiful light broke through the clouds. It felt so peaceful and surreal. It reminded me to let my light shine even if the world around me is dark and angry. Kindness and love for each other and all living things is what matters most.

It's been three months now on my "Within an Inch of my Life" project and I haven't missed a day. I have so much fun stitching these.

I'm also reminded to stop and smell the flowers and enjoy just being. Jules painted this birthday card for me and it sits on my desk near my computer. I see it every day and it makes me smile when I think of my dear friend across the pond.
Finally, how lucky are we to live by the sea. I still pinch myself every day that I get to live in this beautiful place.

Sabrina thinks it's pretty special too.

The end. :)

Hugs to all and see ya next month!