Friday, November 2, 2018

November is Here!

Helloooooooooo! Hannah here. Mama apologizes for being a day late with this post. Sometimes her life doesn't go according to plan and she has to go with the flow. This month she asked me to give you an update. So let's hop to it shall we?

First, we are very hoppy that Fall is finally arriving here in Bunnyville. It's been dreadfully hot and Sabrina kitty and I have shed our fur all over the place. Mama said she could have three more bunnies and kitties with the amount of fur that came off us. The humidity has been really bad too. It makes me want to mush down into the floor as much as possible and not move.

However, since it is Fall according to the calendar, I wanted to showcase one of Mama's favorite designs, "Falling for You." It's two squirrels getting married under a giant acorn. If you have ever attended one of Mama's chats, you know the silly story behind it. This is a fun project to make and features Mama's signature "Reverse Wool Applique." Hop on over to our SHOP to get the instant gratification PDF pattern. We truly appreciate your friendship and support of our small business.

Mama took this photo one morning on her return from her morning walk. She loves how the light beams were casting a magical glow over our Bayfield Cottage. She knew it was going to be a wonderful day.

She was also pleased that her beloved Gandalf tree had survived hurricane Florence. That's a  Lowes store in the back to give you some idea of how big and mighty Gandalf is. Such an old and wise fella. Mama really wants to sit under him and read a book and drink her latte, but nobody is allowed in there.  Probably a good thing as not everybunny is kind to nature.

Speaking of nature, Daddy brought Mama this beautiful bouquet of flowers. She said it was perfect as she loves all the simple colors and wild elements.

She said that these remind her of tiny French knots in her embroidery.

Next, she went on a little outing with her friends. They ate lunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe. She fell in love with these metal, cutout, lighted panels and

even their lovely napkins. The food was absolutely delicious and she can't wait to go there again!

Here she is with her friend Patty, aka "Pattykins." Mama, Daddy, Pattykins and Jim had a wonderful evening out in downtown Wilmington. Everyone needed a break from the weeks of hard work cleaning up after the storm. There is still so much damage everywhere. It will take months, if not a year or so to get things back to normal.

Speaking of clean up. Here is the Fema truck picking our two large trees that fell over.

Mama went to visit Mommy Syl and Captain too. It was a nice and relaxing visit. She loves her friends who became her family.

Mama and Daddy also went to visit Auntie Robin and Auntie Lea at their new home. Auntie Robin is Daddy's sister. It was a really wonderful visit!

They want to the Conservator Center here in NC. They took a tour and learned about all the wonderful, well loved and well cared for animals there. They highly recommend it!

Mama loved this white lion.

She also loved the Curious Peddler shop! She spotted Sunny the cat in the window. Sunny was taking a nap in this planter. She is a rescue kitty that was dumped downtown as a kitten. She is such a sweetie and brought in many a customer to see if she was real. Mama and Daddy loved the shop. It was filled with beautiful and unique items and felt like a warm hug inside. The owner Teresa Dallas is so friendly and kind and has gift for arranging displays. Of course, they purchased a treasure or two and will show you them next month as they are for Christmas. They love supporting small businesses full of care and kindness.

Next, Mama kept finding the bird feeders empty and all sorts of a mess.

She finally found the bandit early one morning. Of course, Mama was super excited as she normally is about critters and named her Rita. Many many years ago there was a Smokey the Bear commercial that featured a singing raccoon named Rita. There is a huge tree on the other side of the fence and Rita lives there. Rita shows up late at night or really early in the morning to finish up the birdseed before she heads back to her tree. To quote Mama, "She is just so precious!!!!!"

Moving on to more of "Within and Inch of my Life" project. Here are a few favorites from October. This first one is about those Oui yogurt jars.

Mama has become a bit of a hoarder with the jars. LOL!!! She says she's going to do something with them, but I haven't seen anything yet.

Next, this one is about the ice cream truck that went through the neighborhood in the middle of October.

It was so weird as it was so hot like Summer outside, but there was the pumpkin on the porch for Halloween. Mother Nature sure has been nuts this year.

Next is a little bunny from our friend, Babs.

Babs purchased this wooden bunny when she was a little girl back in the 50's. She remembers being so excited to go into the "Japanese" shop that was filled with all sorts of goodies. She had a quarter in her pocket and was ready to buy a treasure. It's funny how little, inexpensive things made kids so excited back then. Simpler times for sure.

Scissors, scissors, scissors. How many pairs do you have?

Of course, the bunny ones are our favorites.

Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween. They weren't about to let the storm ruin their fun.

So even though many houses still had blue tarps on their roofs, the decorations were out in full force!

Daddy loves to carve our pumpkin every year. This is what he did this year.

There has been so much violence and hatred in the world. It is all so exhausting and upsetting.

Mama has been trying to meditate on Peace. It's not always easy when there are days that are still utterly shocking and make her cry.

Well, the project continues to grow! Seven months down and five to go. She hasn't missed a day yet.

Mama heads to the International Quilt Festival in Houston to teach on November 7th. She spent over a month packaging kits, goody bags and supplies for her students. Here she is with the five boxes that made their way to Houston. It cost her over $355 to ship them. Yikes!

Well, this finishes up my duties posting for Mama this month.

I'll leave you with this photo of lazy Sabrina kitty who decided to take a nap in a sunbeam instead of helping me with this post. Cats.... ;)

See ya next month if not before! Remember, you can follow Mama on her Facebook and Instagram pages, The Raspberry Rabbits. She posts there every day!

Love always,
Hannah bunny

Monday, October 1, 2018

Walking into October

A warm hellooooooooooo as we walk our way into October!

Well, September didn't turn out at all like I thought it would. What's that saying about best-laid plans? Yep, not at all the dreamy month I thought it would be. Hurricane Florence decided to stir things up a bit here in Wilmington, NC.

First, we are okay. We have tree, roof, fence and water damage, but nothing even close in comparison to what friends and neighbors are dealing with. We are grateful and blessed that Patty and Jim loaned us a generator and were only without power for five days. We were spared and now we are doing what we can to help others in need. A friend and many others lost everything.

Second, not that I have to explain, but we decided to stay for many reasons including an old, fragile Hannah bunny who might not make an eight hour drive. "What do you mean sit in the 'To-Go box' for eight hours listening to Sabrina kitty sing? I absolutely disapprove!"

"What do you mean ride in the "To-Go Box" for eight hours with that sneezing, shedding Hannah bunny? You know she scares me on a regular day! I'm staying right here in this basket of paper so be off with you!"

We have friends we could have stayed with, but most have pets of their own and everyone was in the path of flooding. In addition, the huge financial expense if we had to stay weeks in a hotel with a cat and bunny as we knew we wouldn't be able to get back from the highway flooding. Yes, those are fish on Highway 40 from Raleigh to Wilmington. Just imagine the smell.....

I lost income from five classes that had to be canceled and, as this isn't a hobby for me, but my full time job; well, you know how that goes. Finally, we have lived in Eastern, NC for 24 years. We have been through 10 major hurricanes, most of which have been Category 3 storms. Not to mention the countless tropical storms and Nor Easters. After seeing the storm downgraded to a Category 2 and knowing it would be probably be a Cat 1 by the time it got to us, we decided to stay.

All of that being said, we will NEVER stay again! The tornado that came down our street and right over our house was the scariest thing I have ever been through! It was traveling at 50 mph. Our ears popped and we heard the train sound right above us. It was here and gone just like that. Then the tornadoes all around us for the next four hours with our phones blasting emergency sirens, pushed me over the edge. Never, ever, again!

It took two days for it to stop raining enough so we could go outside. There were not many of us crazy people who stayed in the neighborhood. It was the eeriest feeling. The quiet, the sky, the devastation and the smell of rot and mold made me feel like I was in some sort of apocalypse movie.

This is a neighbor's house. The tree took off her back porch and the entire back side of her house. Doesn't it look like the tree is giving Florence the middle finger? hee,hee,hee. Gotta find humor somewhere.

This is another neighbor's house. Isn't it crazy to see the grass picked up like carpet? I'm 5' tall to give you some perspective.

Here's the other side of it. The plants and even the pot with plants is still attached!

The tornado ripped this tree up and threw it on the house four doors down from us. I love how they made a "happy frog vignette" on the stump.

The face of our neighborhood has truly changed. I have never seen so many trees down. Magnificent, very old Oaks, River Birches and Cypress trees all gone. You can see the size of this tree compared to the light post. 

There are piles and piles of trees and vegetation lining every single street. Some of them almost as high as the houses. The air smells of rot as I walk by them. It makes my heart so very sad.

This was a huge, gorgeous oak. Now it looks like it is saying, "Ouuuuuuuuuuuch!!!"

I collected a bunch of leaves and nuts that fell out of the trees. I think this is as close to Fall as I will get this year because

as of yesterday, the trees and plants are in shock! They lost almost all their leaves during the storm and now... they are budding and flowering!! Poor things don't know what to do!

Even my Hosta's have flowers! It will be interesting to see what changes this month brings.

People asked me if I continued to stitch my daily inches during the storm and in fact, I did. It actually helped calm my nerves. Slow stitching is therapeutic and you don't need electricity. ;)  I have stitched every single day for six months now. I'm going to start a club in January called "The Raspberry Rabbits - Slow Stitching Club." Stay tuned for more on that. It's going to be fun!

Here are a few of my favorite inchies from September.

Sabrina sits on my nightstand at 6:00 a.m. and meows to wake me up. No need for an alarm clock when you have a "Cat Clock." Sometimes I touch her head like a "snooze button." She stops for a second or two and then starts again. hee,hee,hee.

I love these itty bitty acorns. They are just so cute!!

When David and I walked the neighborhood surveying all the damage after the storm, something told me to look down. When I did, I found this little hatch-ling in the road! I picked it up and brought it over to the marsh and placed him down. He took right off into the water. It made me so happy to see this new life after so much devastation.

On the 21st of September, David and I celebrated 27 years of marriage. We both still say that we got lucky when we found each other. Life is good when you marry your best friend.

This month's full moon looked like a Winter moon with all the bare trees.

I see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me.

Of course, I had to stitch an inch about my poor, confused trees.

Finally, this last one is about me and my Grandmother. She loved animals, simple things and hugs. At the same time, she was strong and didn't take anyone's crap and could see through their lies. David and my close friends say I am just like her and that makes me so happy!

Feisty -  lively, determined, courageous

My grandmother was 22 in this photo. She was 88 when she told me about what happened to her when she was a young girl. All those years she kept a horrible, sad secret. I will never forget her story or her strength. She was an incredible woman. I love you always Mama and I know you keep an eye on me from Heaven.

To anyone reading this who may have suffered abuse, I believe you. It's got nothing to do with the exhausting, twisted, hateful politics and politicians of our time. It's got to do with standing up for women and people who have suffered and have been made to feel like they didn't matter. I've been taking a stand at varies times in my life since I was 12 years old and I always will. I will always believe. Like my grandmother, I can see right through someone's crap and lies. Feisty am I.

Halfway through this journey "Within an inch of my Life."

So as I walk, or hop, into October, I'm going to take a small look back.

I'm going to remember how the neighborhood and Bayfield Cottage looked before the storm

and I'm going to remember that light will always break through the darkness.

Change is in the air. Better days are ahead and 

Sometimes you just have to tell people to "Kiss your butt." hee,hee,hee.

See you back here next month if not before. Thanks so much for sharing my life and my adventures with me.

Light, love, hugs and friends always,