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Catching Up!

Hi my friends! Well, a week turned into two, turned into three, turned into two months! It's how it is sometimes. I just can't keep up with everything I need to do. As I mentioned before, Facebook and Instagram are where I post because it just takes a few seconds to share something with you. So if you are on those, please follow me under The Raspberry Rabbits.

However, I still do love to keep up with my friends who enjoy reading my blog, so here we go with what has been going on here in Bunnyville.

First, I have to share a gift I received from my dear friend, Becky Bucci. I have long loved and admired the work of local artist Todd Carignan. He paints with oil and I find his work to have a dreamy effect. Becky commissioned him to paint my sweet Hannah bunny. Hannah is my oldest rescue bunny (near 11) and I've had her the longest of any of my bunnies (over 8 years).

I will treasure this painting always. I hung it in my guest bedroom.

Next, thirty years ago on July 1st, I ask…
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A Day of Play with Michelle May - The Crazy Bunny Lady

Hello my friend! I do hope you have been enjoying your Spring. Isn't it crazy how fast the month of May has gone by? It's been busy around here in Bunnyville with some new designs, having dead trees cut down from the yard and trying to get people to do what they say they are going to do. What is up with that???

Anyway, I wanted to share some Play Date news. Teaching is my favorite part of what I do. I get down-right giddy seeing my student's imagination and creativity come to life. It's so wonderful to be able to say, "Today is a day of play. A day all about you. There are no worries and there is no right or wrong in this room. I'm simply your guide down the rabbit hole into your imagination."

 As adults, we often forget abut how fun it is to do something for the pure joy of it. Life, bills, kids, grandies, spouses and responsibilities get in the way. Not to mention, that beyond elementary school, art and creativity was taken away and we were told it was …

Happy Hannah Day!

Hello my friend!

I'm hopping in for a quick post this week. I have much to do and not much time to do it in.

Today is Happy Hannah Day! Eight years ago on this day I brought my sweet girl home from the rabbit rescue. She was an unwanted Easter bunny and her ears were full of mites. Hannah is somewhere between 10 and 11 years old and outside of some arthritis, she is going strong and still does a little dance for her salad and banana treat. I'm so grateful for every day with my precious girl.

See ya back here next week!

Creativity and Bunnies

Hi ya! Did you miss me last week? I had the best intentions on writing, but alas, hackers had other plans for me. My business credit card got hacked so I had to deal with all of that and between my email, my credit card and now being bombarded with SPAM comments here on my blog, I'm about worn out!

On a positive note, I did look at my stats and I'm happy that the Russians are no longer reading things here. Yes, you read that right. I had a huge amount of traffic from Russia over the past two years and it has finally gone back to normal. I guess reading about bunnies, home decor and quilting was not their cup of tea. Of course, I'm sure there is some Google algorithm that will see I typed Russia and they heathens will come back. ;) I will be spending this summer learning how to transfer my blog over to my website where I have control over everything. I think Google, Facebook and Amazon have gotten too big and have too much control over the average person. Ok, there is my ra…

A Play Date and Chat in St. Simons Island, GA

Hello my friend!

I'm sorry I missed our visit last week. I returned from teaching in St. Simons Island, GA to having my email system upgraded and migrated to a new platform after it had been hacked. Then I had to learn the whole new system and make it work with my phone, website etc. Then... my business credit card got hacked and I had to deal with all of that. It's really soooooo annoying how much time and money I have to spend fixing things and protecting myself from awful people in society. I can't help but think how lovely the world would be if they used their talents to help others instead of hurt others. I guess that's just how it is though and I'm grateful for the wonderful people who help me get through it all and are patient with my meltdowns. ;)

 So, lets hop onto something more fun shall we? Like I said, I went to St. Simons Island to give my "Down the Rabbit Hole" lecture chat and give my "Beekeeper" workshop play date. What a wonder…