Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Raleigh Quilt Show - Part 2

Hi ya! I can't believe how fast this month is going can you? Next thing you know we will see school supplies being advertised. Good gracious!

As I promised last week, here is part two of the quilt show in Raleigh. There were so many beautiful quilts. Information about the quilt and the maker is also shown. I love reading these. Enjoy!

We met up with our friend, Penny, at the show. Penny makes some wonderful art quilts and is a super lady. I had such a great adventure with my friends. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Light, love and hugs to you,
Michelle and the Bunnies

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Raleigh Quilt Show - Part 1


Last month I was invited by my friends, Molly (left) and Babbs (right) to take a little road trip to Raleigh, NC for the Quilt Symposium show. Of course I hopped at that fun opportunity!

First, we went to Wish Upon a Quilt. What a great shop. Molly and Babbs had a really good time collecting fabrics there. I got a few things too, but have put them away and now I'm too lazy to climb the stairs and take a photo. Haaaaaaaaaa! I did use one of the pieces in a new stocking pattern that is coming soon, so stay tuned. :)

Next, we went downtown to have lunch. We ate at this fabulous place.

A vegetarian's heaven for sure! This is what I got. It's a Veggie Roti Quesadilla. It is a three-cheese quesadilla with house made quick kimchee cabbage, tandoor charred onion, homemade roti (flatbread), Chimichurri crema, green leaf lettuce and cilantro "slaw". YUUUUUUUUMMMY! I did have some kick to it though, but I like spicy food.

Then we headed to the Symposium Quilt Show. FUN! Here are some of the gorgeous quilts on display along with the information on the quilt and the maker. The first three photos are close ups of the quilt Molly and Babbs are standing in front of. Can we say Gorgeous!

I will share part two of this post next week, so be sure and hop back next Wednesday.

Light, love and hugs,
Michelle and the Bunnies