Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Quilts from Houston 2019

Hi ya!

I never got around to posting about Houston when I was there teaching the end of October. I tell ya, the fall was a total blur with teaching gigs and travel to England. As always, the festival was amazing! This year was the sapphire celebration. I absolutely loved all the blue and white.

Here are some of the quilts I fell in love with along with the labels from the makers, which tells the story behind each creation.

Did you have a favorite? It's hard to pick isn't it?

I hope you enjoyed these and I'll be back here next week with more eye candy from the festival.

Stay safe and be wise with all of this Corona Virus. Please watch and listen to reputable sources to stay informed. David and I are reading the information directly from the World Health Organization, the CDC and watching ABC nightly news. We believe in science, scientists, researchers and medical professionals. These are scary times.

Love to you,


Shelley said...

Wow! Just Wow! These quilts just blow me away. The goats and cats make me smile..The cats look so real! It is hard to pick a favorite. Thanks for sharing ❤

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Works of art. Thanks for sharing.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

These are truly scary times and I feel as if we are all in a doomsday movie. I never remember any other health scares being this bad. But in crisis, there is always a glimmer of hope as we all continue to create and place our hearts on the future. To see how art and self-expression cannot be quelled, it gives hope. These creations my friend, UNBELIEVABLE! The first thing that comes to mind as a budding photographer, is how these artists here are able to capture the same emotion of LIGHT with the careful and beautifully composed pieces of fabric. Light: you can't stop it from issuing out, even in the darkest times.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

P.S., like you, I'm listening to the hard facts from the experts. This is not a time to speculate but to look for and follow the hard facts!

Three Sheep Studio said...

So much beautiful eye candy !
Lovely textile inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

Shirley said...

Good Morning Shell, I would not want to be a judge with all of the beautiful quilts that there are to choose from at quilt shows. So many talented people showing what they do best. It takes time, but so worth it for the enjoyment. I know that you enjoy your teaching. I am looking forward to seeing some more. Have a great day. Take care Hugs and Prayers.

KittyAnn said...

All are outstanding but 'Step Sisters' is my fave! :) Thanks for taking the time to share the pics Michelle. On a more somber note, we must all be calm, practical and do what we must until the virus crisis is over. That may not be for a very long time but we can do it. As the willow does, we will bend but not break, we as a community and nation of strong people will get through it. Hugs!


beautiful works of stitching--
the one that made me smile the most was the 2 goats looking at me--and my favorite one was the 3 cats--they look so real--like a photograph--great workmenship!!
thanks for sharing--
luv, di

Petal49 said...

Thanks Michelle for sharing. The quilts are amazing and I especially love the dancing bears. They make me smile.

Createology said...

Truly amazing quilts and thank you for sharing them. Yes, be safe and well...without be stupid people.

Kim said...

They are all astounding works of art, but my favorite is the Missouri barn. Thanks for sharing.

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