Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Class and the Escape Artist

Well hi there! Sorry I missed my post last week. I was in Southern Pines, NC teaching and had been gone for five days. After my drive home I just didn't feel like writing. I wanted to spend time with David and the fuzzy ones. :)

I had a wonderful time with everyone there. Class was really fun! Here are some of my students with their bunny ears.

The weather was totally nuts. When I got to my hotel, it was in the 70's. The next day it was sleeting and freezing! When I got home and went for my morning walk, all the Eastern Redbuds in our neighborhood had bloomed. I think they are so pretty and a welcoming sign of Spring. Of course, then it got cold again over the weekend. Mother Nature is having some serious issues.

While I was gone, Henry was a naughty boy and escaped the condo. Basically making a jail break. He only weighs 4 lbs, but the little bugger is strong! He bent the metal bars (see on the floor to the left) that we use for extra support. He pushed the condo over to the rug where he got extra traction, lifted a section up and squeezed out. Then he hopped in the black hay bucket, had a snack, jumped behind my file cabinet, took a nibble of of my modem cord and then set off on a "hop" about the house!

David came home and went up to my studio to look for Sabrina. Out popped Henry from under my sewing table. He scared David to death! I'm sure he scared Sabrina to death too as she was downstairs on the bed and not in her basket. I soooooooooo wish I had a camera to see all of that unfolding. Henry hopped across the whole house and up the stairs!

It took David a while to catch him. He had to bribe him with a treat. He's just a young boy and even though the condo is big, he likes to get out and play.

As of today I have one month left of inchies to stitch. I can't believe it will be 365 days of journaling through embroidery.

Well, I'll see ya next week!


Jeanette said...

Those blooms are gorgeous. Yes Mother Nature sure is having serious issues. Your captions on the photo's gave me a laugh. Hugs, xx

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, naughty little boy! The weather has been up, down, and turn around for many. After seeing your budding trees, it gives me hope (maybe in two more months).

almtsbb said...

You need a bunny cam to keep track of Henry.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Houdini to the HILT!!!!!!!!!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

oh my stars...your little 'balloon-captions' are hysterical!!
can't believe you're a month away from a whole year of your inchies...
the ladies at Notforgotten Farm have been following your progress!


Here's a bunny story for you--when my daughter was a baby I had a white rabbit and we moved into this house that had a split stair way--when you came in the back door you could go up 5-6 steps into the house part or down 5-6 steps into the basement--we had the rabbit in a cage in the basement--
well--everytime we went someplace we would come home to little rabbit droppings on the stairs and somewhere in the house part would be a happy little rabbit exploring--we could never figure out how he got out either!!!
miss that darn rabbit!!!!
luv, di

Jules Woolford said...

You need Bunnycam and a Control/command centre now!

JudyCinNC said...

Definitely a Bunny Cam ! But only if you can show the shenanigans to all of us!!! We really liked our excursion to Southern Pines, such a lovely town. Your class always is so happy. Hugs from JudyC

Createology said...

Henry is a wascaly Wabbit. Thank goodness David was able to secure him. Always exciting news with your classes and your Bunnyville trio.

Karen said... made me giggle with Henry's story. An old minister of mine had a rabbit who was always escaping and eating their cords, computer, TV, anything......They replaced so many over the years! They loved him so.

DIGBY said...

That little Henry is being a real stinker! Sounds like something my Digby would do if he had to be kept behind bars. He does not like to be behind closed doors. It's a good thing that Henry is so cute! I'm sure it is hard to be upset with him for too long.

Judy1522 said...

Your Henry story gave me a good laugh! He sounds like a smart bunny who knows what he wants. The weather here has been a little crazy also. Much colder than it should be for this time of the year and we were predicted to get about 6 inches of snow last week. Of course the weatherman was wrong and it went south of us so we barely got a dusting.

Tanya Simmons Weiss said...

Ha! Love your bunny escapades and escapes! Looking forward to seeing you the end of this month at St. Simons Island.

Rabbits' Guy said...

How you gonna keep him
Down on the Farm
Now that he's seen Pairee!!!!