Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Who Needs a Play Date?

There is nothing that brings me greater joy than spending a creative day with friends. I love the fun energy in the room, the laughter and all the happy smiles that come from my students when they complete their own personal masterpiece! Thus, I don't call my classes "Workshops," I call them "Play Dates."

My "Beekeeper Pincushion" play date has been lots of fun and I realized how much I, in addition to my students, enjoy making smaller projects. Being able to spend time adding details to something and enjoying every minute of the process is much more fun knowing there won't be hours and hours of work at home to complete it. Plus, it's nice making something that can be given as handmade, heartfelt gift to those we love and care about.

That being said, I have been working diligently over the last month to create another Play Date to offer my students. These are my "Heart Felt Notes." They are 4" x 6" postcards, using my Folk Art Fusion technique and they can actually be mailed!

Like my "Beekeeper Pincushion," students only have to bring two pair of scissors to class. Yep, that's it! No schlepping a sewing machine, no trying to find impossible supplies, no frustration from bringing the wrong things.

I bring the designs, wool felt, Valdani thread and loads of embellishments to play with. I share different stitching and embellishing techniques and bring plenty of samples to spark your imagination.

Here are some before and after photos.

Also, these designs are EXCLUSIVE to my classes. I do not sell them in my shop and they are not available in other shops as I don't wholesale my patterns (more on that in another post).

So, who needs a Play Date? Hop on over HERE for more information and for my calendar. Oh, and if you don't belong to a group or guild, I'm going to be teaching at the Houston Quilt Festival this year and at the Mid Atlantic Festival in February.

I look forward to meeting you and having a day of play!



Jeanette said...

I so wish. Love, love, love your "Heart Felt Notes". They are just so pretty. Hugs,xx

Kim said...

I loved my beekeeper playdate, our guild had a great time together.
I felt like a kid in the candy store with all the choices of embellishments you offered at such reasonable prices too. I hope to be able to take this class as well.....your positive energy makes the playdates so enjoyable Michelle :0) thank you and Happy Sewing.

Sok Sareth said...

Awesome blog, i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!
Thank for your very good article...!


Jules Woolford said...

You know how much I love them! xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I tell ya, I've needed a play date ALL SUMMER but there is no one to play with around here! I love where I live, there is much to see but very little friends if any, to do such things with. Sure wish I was there with ya, Shell. FUN STUFF!

Jocelyn said...

Oh my, these are so cute! Wish I lived closer :-)

Createology said...

I love your work and what a great idea to stick with small manageable projects for your Play Dates. These samples are Fantastic and the fact that they are mailable is a bonus for affordable gift giving. Happy Playing Sweet Shell. <3

Kathryn Oppelt said...

Love love love the hearts Michelle! But then I'm partial to Valentine's Day, lol!

Debbie Eaton said...

I love your work! It makes me happy.
I wish I lived close so that I could have a play date. I would love to see you do an on-line playdate through Kate Gaunt's Shining Needle Society. Pretty please?

Denise Russell said...


Erica said...

Goodness these are stunning. I wish you could come to France for a play date!!