Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Pudding House - Block 6 of Briarside Lane

Hello travelers!

Well, our journey is coming to a close as we bring you the last block in our series, The Pudding House. Next month we will show you how to put the blocks together to make a quilt and also a cute pillow featuring our first block, Bumblebee Cottage.

The Pudding House by Jules Woolford

It’s a late summer afternoon as the lane leads us past the open gates of a large country estate. A ‘Welcome’ sign bids us enter, and we follow a long driveway through parklands studded with ancient trees where a herd of fallow deer roam. In the distance, a grand old, Elizabethan house dominates the scene surrounded by stunning walled gardens. At the entrance to the gardens, though, there’s another building which captures our attention -- the most exquisite little Tudor summer house! Built with beautiful golden stone and richly decorated, it seems like a fairy palace set amidst floral borders bursting with color and fragrance!  

Peering inside the delightful house, we see a table set for an afternoon West Country cream tea of freshly baked scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream! There’s a handwritten note telling us, ‘Please help yourselves.’ We sit, pour a cup of tea and enjoy our delicious bounty while we gaze at the stunning view. What a wonderful way to end our journey!

The Back Story

 Historic British gardens almost always have their own private summer houses where the owners can sit and enjoy their gardens and estates. Jules has a fondness for these sweet little cottages. The Pudding House is a real structure set in the gardens of Montacute House in Somerset, where she once spent a magical afternoon. The house is ornately decorated and does indeed look as if it came straight out of a fairy tale! It’s called a Pudding House as guests in Tudor and Stuart times would 'retire' there to enjoy puddings after a meal in the main dining room. It gave the servants of the house time to clear and prepare the dining room for the evening entertainment. Jules’ home is located in the beautiful West Country, and it seems only fitting our final stop along Briarside Lane is enjoyed with cream tea!

This is Jules' original painting which inspired my "Folk Art Fusion" version. 
This month, after soooooooooo many emails and requests, I am delighted to share that Jules is offering her original paintings as delightful greeting cards! Hop on over HERE to purchase them, as well as, some of her other incredible art cards. 

It's been so much fun stitching the details in each and every one of these blocks. What a wonderful and creative adventure it has been for me as a designer.

Don't forget, there is also a FREE embroidery version included with each PDF pattern. Thank you Babs Fullerton for all your lovely work on these blocks!

There are still a few Briarside Lane Valdani thread collections available if you would like one. 

The PDF pattern, wool kit, threads and supplies are all available in the SHOP, so HOP on over!

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Hugs and hoppy stitching!
Michelle, Jules and the Bunnies


Createology said...

Oh what a lovely way to end our journey down Briarside Lane...having tea and pudding in the Pudding House. This is so very sweet. Thank you Michelle and Jules for sharing your artistic collaboration with us. Stitching Bliss...<3

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Shell!!!!!!!!!!

What a cute name, the "Pudding House" - enchanting and well done, as always. I hope the new cottage is allowing you to get everything in its place; are ya lovin' your new creative space?

Enjoy my friend and happy JUNE!

Kigwit said...

I would love to have tea there! I'm so impressed by the creativity you and Jules have shared.

Pieta Laker-Ratcliff said...

Oh Michelle (and Jules) what a lovely last instalment. I can't wait to see them all together and will definitely be purchasing the postcards. Thank you both for this delightful and enchanting journey.