Thursday, September 29, 2016

Designs to inspire and a visit

Well hi ya! Are you having a good week? I'm currently getting ready to vend at the 2016 Splash of Color Quilt and Fiber Arts Show this weekend in Concord, NC. If you are in the area, hop over and visit with me! For more information, you can go to the website for the Cabarrus Quilters Guild.  

Next, I am excited to share some photos from my dear friend, Kat. She is a fellow bunny, cat and critter mom, not to mention, a treasured customer.

Kat has taken several of my designs, put her own twist on them and made them as donations to be raffled off to help an orphanage and food pantries in Africa. She is also making more of them to help out a Horse Rescue. What a generous and talented friend!

 Here is Bridgette Butterfly or as she calls it, "Michelle Monarch." ;)

Here is Pumpkin Kisses.

Here is her bunny, Mitzy helping out with Pumpkin Kisses and

here is her cat taking a little nap under the quilts. You see how the cat sleeps and the bunny works don't you? hee,hee,hee. Sabrina and Hannah are the same way. ;)

Didn't she do a wonderful job? It makes me so happy when my work inspires someone to create and it's the main reason I do what I do. Hugs to you Kat!

Finally today, I wanted to share about the wonderful visit David and I had over the weekend from my mom and her husband, Oliver.

They came to Wilmington, from my hometown of Virginia Beach, to celebrate our 25 year anniversary. Mom gave us this beautiful treasure box filled with bunny napkins, a throw blanket and hot pads that she crocheted, some delightful teas in Beatrix Potter tins, a cute stuffed bunny (forgot to put her in the photo) two lovely handwritten letters to David and I and the biggest surprise of all...a check for $2,500.00!!!! David and I were in shock and never expected such a HUGE gift. Mom said she felt bad that she couldn't really do anything for our wedding 25 years ago, so she wanted to do something special for this anniversary. Well, that was special indeed!

Thanks so very much mom. Love you bunches!

Well, have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week with some quilt photos from my local quild.

Light, love and hugs to you,


Jeanette said...

Love Kat's versions of your designs. Fabulous gift from your Mum. Happy Anniversary to you both. Hugs, xx

Pieta Laker-Ratcliff said...

What a wonderful surprise and gorgeous gifts. Kat's wallhangings are lovely.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Kat's creations are lovely and her pets are adorable!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am crying, seeing your parents! Oh how I miss mine. Gosh Shell, you are lucky!!!! Blessings to all of you and what an array of colorful happiness. HUGS TO YOU!

Createology said...

It is always heartwarming to see how someone creates their version of your sweet kits. Bunnies and Kitties are so precious. Shell you and your Mom are beautiful. What a sweet and loving gift for you and David's 25th Anniversary. Family Love is Priceless...

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh my, what folks! - would they adopt me?

Christine M said...

How special for you both, Shell. xx

Jillayne said...

Happy Anniversary Shell!
What a wonderful thing to celebrate, and such an amazing gift from your mom - so many wonderful and thoughtful presents. I hope the next twenty-five are as wonderful, filled with much love and happiness, and even a cake fight or two!
Hoppy Fall,