Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Computers and the Quilt Show

Well hi ya! How are you? Did you wonder where I hopped off to last week? Well, my computer decided to totally crash. My hard drive bit the bullet and my computer went to the doctor. It's still there undergoing some surgery. Boo hoo! I have a laptop, which I'm using right now, but it didn't have all my files and photos on it and I didn't have time to transfer everything because I was running around like a crazy bunny getting ready for our local quilt show. Why is it that everything goes crazy all at once? Why is it that technology changes and changes and you have to learn everything all over again. Can't they keep some things the same for those of us who don't feel like learning new computer programs when they have work to do? hee,hee,hee. I digress.

The Quilters By The Sea put on a wonderful show. It was held at the Brooklyn Arts Center at the old St. Andrews Church. It wasn't a typical quilt show. It was done in a "gallery/art" style. There were mixed emotions from a lot of the visitors as the quilts were all hung high up in the ceiling. I thought it showcased the work as "art" and us as "artists," which I feel we all are, but at the same time, I really do enjoy reading the story behind the piece, seeing who made it and most of all, seeing the details up close. It will be interesting to see what happens next year.

Here are some photos of the quilts.  What do you think of them being hung up like this? Some appear closer because I zoomed in with the camera.

My "Peter and Peter Pumpkin Eaters" was juried into the show.

These were the guild's challenge quilts. The theme was "A Circle of Friends."

Here are some more of the quilts.

I was a vendor at this show and had a total blast. My sweet peeps from my old guild came to visit me. What a wonderful surprise. Of course, I forgot to get a picture of us!!! Dag nab it! I also got a visit from students/friends from a class I taught in August. It was so great to see everybunny! I love you and miss you!!!

I think my little booth looked cute and I was thrilled that so many people enjoyed my work. I'm keeping bunny ears crossed that some future "Playdate/classes" come to fruition. I love teaching and sharing Folk Art Fusion with friends.

My dear friend, Jean, was a tremendous help. First, she made us these adorable aprons with this black and white bunny fabric which I have been coveting. Aren't they cute? This apron will come in handy when I teach and it's so comfortable. Jean is so good to me and is going to help me at more shows. YAY!!!

One of my favorite vendors is Julie of Auntie Ju's Quilt Shoppe. Julie is such a sweet person and I have looooooooooooved her booth and all her goodies forever! Like...FOREVER!

Isn't her booth gorgeous? Before you ask, the framed pieces are from Jane Mott of Crane Designs. Fabulous!!! Julie hand dyes some gorgeous wool and I'm excited to share that I will be partnering with her on some future projects. I will be using her gorgeous 100% wool for some new classes and designs coming this Fall. Happy Bunny Dance!!!!

Oh, I also have to share these shoes!! My talented friend, Arlene, made these. She makes the coolest things!!!

Can you tell who this one is for? The Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland.

I looooooooooove these shoes!

I am going to visit Arlene (on the right, her friend Mary on the left) in the near future for a tour of her home and her creations. Of course, I will take you along for the adventure! I know we are in for a real treat.

Finally, I want to share what I got for my birthday/Easter!! A new Bunny Mobile!!! Yes, I feel totally spoiled with a new house and a new car, but the car wasn't planned. David's work truck was on it's last leg and Honda had a really good deal on the CRV, which I adore. So now David is driving my old Bunny Mobile, which he calls Bunny One. We are waiting for the new license plate to get here so we can trade. He said he feels like a dork driving around with a "Bunnyvil" license plate. hee,hee,hee. What I find even funnier is all the guys he works with said, "Hey, how come you're driving the Bunny Mobile?" Cracks me up that grown men call it that!!!

Well my friend, that's what has been going on these past few weeks. Captain is coming to visit me this weekend and I'm so excited!! She gets to be the first person in the Captain's Quarters, which is only fitting don't you think?

Light, love and hugs to you. See you next week!


Janet said...

Sounds like you had an absolute blast at the show..... Glad you made some good connections for the future. It's all about the people.....and the new great your friend "Captain" is coming to visit ...hope you have a FABULOUS weekend :)

Janet said...

Sounds like you had an absolute blast at the show..... Glad you made some good connections for the future. It's all about the people.....and the new great your friend "Captain" is coming to visit ...hope you have a FABULOUS weekend :)

Christine M said...

Sounds like a wonderful show. Thanks for the show and tell Shell. Have a great time with the Captain. xxx

Vroomans' Quilts said...

OK - quilting is a form of artistry, but it needs to be at eye level like any painting, ceramic, jewelry, etc....... You need to see it up close, smell it(don't touch it), get a true sensual absorbtion. Hanging high and from the ceiling is like hanging the artist themselves. My opinion! BUT - glad you had a successful show/weekend.

Loris said...

You know us so well. I love those framed pieces as well as that wonderful cat quilt! What a wonderful show ❤️

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I have MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!

Happy belated birthday (mine is on the 23rd!) and WHAT A GIFT! Sheesh.....I don't think I'll get anything but a year older..teeheheee

OH Shell, those quilts. Your booth looks fabulous, all the quilters are so innovated but those quilts of animals and the one with the children overlooking the water....WOW. How does anyone get these effects?!?!?!?!

So good to see you dear one. If you have time, stop by my blog. Just say hi.

LOVE! Anita

Binka said...

Awful exhibit display. What you see is a compilation installation not a quilt exhibit. They would never dare have hung paintings that way. You need to see these individually JUST LIKE any works - not grouped together as a clothesline display. Not fair. No respect. Fire the director!

Melody said...

Your booth looked divine. Some magnificent quilts on display, not sure how I feel about some hung so high so I will be very interested to hear everyone's response. Thank for sharing all the beautiful pictures.

donauquilterin said...

There were obviously a lot of beautiful quilts, real pieces of art. However, I would like to see them close, to get also those little "extra" details - a little funny detail in the fabric etc.
Your booth looked soo cute
Have a great weekend with your friend!

Petal49 said...

Beautiful quilts on display but I prefer them at eye level so I can see them up close. I love to see how the quilters do their thing! Great car and love the part about the guys reactions.

Rabbits' Guy said...

I have seen quilts here on display high in the rafters and they look pretty good!

What a show.

June said...

I used to be a member of Quilters by the Sea Guild when we lived in Wilm. in the 80's. Boy how it has changed!! I can't say I like the quilts hanging from the ceiling, though. Wow! What a difference!

Elvira said...

¡¡¡¡¡Que fant├ísticos quilt !!!!
Que delicia de exposici├│n

Createology said...

Life always seems to go in "feast or famine" modes. Technology is the true analogy to "the only thing consant is change"! Lovely Quilt show and your booth looks fabulous. You are too Bunny Cute!!! Friends are the best. Love your new Birthday Bunny Mobile. Enjoy your visit with Captain. Birthday Blessings Dear...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

SHELL! Hello! How are you divine friend? I hope that all is well on your side of the country, and that spring is blooming for you! Thank you for visiting my blog; I have been busy taking photos and enjoying it. I really appreciate your stopping by! Blessings of spring magic to you and the Beautiful Hannah-Banana! :))))

Erica said...

What a great post, thanks for sharing all your news. The quilts on show all looked amazing but what a shame you could not get up close and personal to see the stitching etc. Your booth looks friendly and the bunny aprons!

The new bunny mobile is vey cool, so now Bunny One is going to be driven by Bunny Wonder! haha

Happy belated birthday xxxxx