Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ginny's Bright and Beautiful Creative Space

Hellooooooo! How's your week going? Can you believe September is almost over? I can't. I finished up teaching my last class of the year on Saturday. It was lots of fun and I had such a great time. I was especially grateful for the patient friends in class who dealt with me not being able to talk. David gave me a cold. The first one I have had in about nine years. It was my fault for not drinking my gallons of green tea to prevent it. Anyway, I got rid of the cold in a day, but as usual, my voice went at the end of it. Not fun when you need to tell people how to make something! Thankfully, my students were all very talented and did a great job.

Today I would like to share another wonderful creative space with you! While in Virgina last month, I was also able to visit with my friend, Ginny. She and her husband, Jim, invited Shannon and I over for lunch. I must say, it really was a ton of fun photographing these wonderful creative spaces. I know you enjoyed Carlene's quilt cave last week and you are in for a special treat again as we hop into Ginny's bright and beautiful creative space. So let's go!

The red front door and this charming quilt are a cheerful welcome to Ginny's house and the first indication of what's inside. 

As you walk down the stairs, you are greeted by these wonderful little quilts.

I adore the rick rack on this quilt.

This is the first room to greet you at the bottom of the stairs. Wow! The fireplace is beautiful and so is the quilt above the mantel.

How about this foot stool that looks like sherbert ice cream? Isn't it the cutest?

Ginny is a retired security officer from the CIA! Whoa!! She has lots of wonderful memorabilia on the shelves and walls beside the fireplace.

To the side of this area, there is a vignette with a quilt Ginny made of her house.

Next, you come to this room. Don't you just love this green couch? It's so fun! Ginny loves bright, cheerful colors, which are a perfect match to her happy and friendly personality. 

Her favorite color is lime green. I love it with the purple on this quilt.

I love how this table topper looks on the round table in front of the couch.

To the left of the couch is this sweet little vignette.

And, to the right is this gorgeous quilt. What a perfect place to curl up and stitch.

This is the view of her space when you are sitting on the couch. Are you about to pass out yet?

There are quilts hanging on all the walls. Ginny's daughter plays basketball and they are big fans of the game. Look how cute the net is on this quilt.

Peggy Geier, I know you love these yo-yo's! ;)

This is where I hyperventilated!!!! Isn't this awesome? I would never want to come out of this sewing spot. What a gorgeous view of the trees through all those wonderful windows. Faaaaaaaaaaabulous!!!

Across from the sewing alcove is her cutting table.

These are so fun

and so is this stool in front of the table!

Then you come to her embroidery machine and wonderful collection of threads. Check out the chair cover!

Across from that is her long arm machine with more windows looking out to the back yard.

Here are some storage areas for ribbons, bits and bobbles and

 she also has a little refreshment area.

This leads you past the powder room to this incredible space! The fabric room!

Ginny can sit in this comfy chair and look at all her wonderful fabrics, or take a peek outside. I love all the light that fills these rooms. It makes me feel so alive and excited to sew something.

Everywhere you look, there are cute little art quilts.

 This is the incredible memory quilt Ginny made for her daughter when she left for college. Her daughter has graduated and the quilt is back home with mom for a little while.

This quilt was made for Ginny by the members of the Cabin Branch Quilters' Guild as a thank you for the wonderful job she did as president of the guild.
 Here's the label with the members' signatures.

Shannon saved all the little schnibbles when the blocks were sized and made this cute lime green schnibble jar.

With that incredible space, I would be tempted to live right there. However, the upstairs of Ginny's house is just as fun. This is the love seat in the kitchen area. Don't you just love that tree quilt?

Here is her living room. She told me she was waiting on some new furniture pieces. I love the quilt ladder, the quilt above the fireplace and the star light.

Like downstairs, everywhere you look there are little art quilts to bring a smile to your face. The two dogs at the bottom of the quilt are her dogs, Lilo and Stitch.

Yellow polka dot bikini! :)


Ok, so check out the sunglasses on the bees. To cute!

Again, Peggy Geier! :)

Thank you for a wonderful lunch and a super fun tour of your creative space Ginny. I had such a great time my friend!

Have a good weekend and Happy Fall! It's the most wonderful time of the year (now you'll be singing that song all weekend, hee,hee,hee)!



Sue said...

Hi Michelle,
Great pics of a lovely sewing space... Love the quilts, I am just making one of those footstools tonight, they are a lot of work! Hope your house is coming along nicely!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

OK, you just blew my mind again! Oh, what a great place to create in and I drooled over the fabric room. Just love all the little pieces all thru the house that so say 'a quilter lives here'.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my...that last one with the flowers! Goodness that is rich in texture and inspiration. HI SHELL! I hope construction is moving along well? Thinking of you....Anita

Jules Woolford said...

What a colourful and creative home Ginny has!

tink's mom said...

What a wonderfully creative space. The amount of natural light is amazing. Such a warm and friendly home.


Hi Shell--what a wonderful colorful and cheery home--
will your new sewing area have all those windows too??
I just love love that bikini bear one--that one makes me really feel happy and makes me smile--also liked the yo-yo flower one though it was hard to pick--
thanks so much for sharing and for taking the visiting time to take the photos
smiles and hugs, di

Rabbits' Guy said...

And I thought Man Caves were something else!

I grow grapes - a deep purple one and a lime green one. The vines intertwine and so the bunches are all together - look great, like her quilt there!

Createology said...

And Ginny looks as happy as her bright and cheerful creative spaces. Her quilts are amazing. Thank you to Ginny for her service in the CIA keeping us safe. Creative Bliss Indeed...

Lesley said...

What an amazing home, so gorgeous with all her beautiful quilts. Yes, her sewing space is unbelievable...I would never leave that room! Thanks to you and Ginny for sharing!

Jackie said...

Love her space! Thank you for sharing....

Heather said...

Such fun. I really need to share this with my husband so he realizes I am not the only one with so much stuff. Nothing like a great space to keep you inspired.

almtsbb said...

I agree with you, if I had such a wonderful area to work in I'd never leave. Thanks you so much for sharing.