Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Guild Show and Tell and Kantha Quilts

Hi there!

How is your week so far? Are you working on anything fun? I'm finishing up my "Love Grows." I just have to write the pattern. It takes me anywhere from 7 to 10 hours to write it, which doesn't include editing the photos. I must say, it is my least favorite part of being a designer. I will have the pattern and kits available next Wednesday.

Last Tuesday was my local guild meeting. Here's what the girls brought for show and tell.

The library display was lovely with all the flower themed quilts. This one is Gerri's. 

I'm not sure who made this one, but I love it!

This one is gorgeous too. I'm thinking maybe Mary made this one and the one above. Isn't the sparkle pretty?

Here is my buddy Renee with hers.

Our favorite Marine, Holly, made this beauty.

Lori made this pretty piece and we all thought she was super cool because it matched her outfit. Lori is so much fun.

Loleta told us how much fun she had "thread painting" her piece. I love the dimensional flower too.

Linda showed her cute tulips with embroidered bees. Check out her vest.

Next, Faye showed us this beautiful basket quilt. She's hiding behind it as she doesn't like to have her picture made.

My dear friend, Peggy, showed us her donation quilt for the kiddo's.

Then she shared her finished quilt for her grandie-daughter. Isn't it just drop dead gorgeous? I decorated an entire room in my mind with this beauty.

Then Peggy shared this cool piece she found at Holly's shop. It's a vase made from an old bed spring! Genius.

This is Mary (I think) she is new to our guild. She explained how she likes to take patterns and mix things together to create her own design. We all were oohing and ahhing over this piece. Gorgeous colors. So glad to have you with us Mary!

Sandy showed us her adorable little Easter bunny.

You know I had to get another photo of him. I love the little chick clips at the top. Too sweet!

As always, a great time was had by all. My guild girlfriends are the best.

Next, I wanted to share this article I read on Houzz the other day. I have always admired Kantha quilts. Probably because I like the look of hand stitching so much. I hope you enjoy the article (I have permission to post it here). 

So what do you think of Kantha style quilts? Have you ever made one?

Hope you have a great weekend. The bunnies will see you here next Wednesday with a little visit from one of our bunny friends.

Light, love and hugs to you,
Michelle, the Bunnies and Sabrina kitty too!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for sharing the Show N Tell of your guild's very talented ladies.

belarmina said...

bonitos trabajos!!!

speedyrabbit said...

Aww everybody's work is so beautiful,xx Rachel

Jeanette said...

Beautiful show n tell. Love the bunny. So cute. Hugs,xx

Createology said...

Your guild has the most talented and creative ladies. I love seeing what they create. Each one is sew special. Creative Guild Bliss...

Fiona said...

what a lovely show and tell selection...

Rabbits' Guy said...

No, I have never made a Kanthaa quilt - or any quilt for that matter. But I liked the bed headboard use best.

Kris said...

Great quilt show, Shell!! Love the Kantha quilts - the scalloped chair, the headboard, the tablecloth, etc, etc, etc!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I have missed you so....and the beautiful art in which you are involved. Any news on your home? Anita

KaHolly said...

Show and tell is my favorite!

Jules Woolford said...

I always love seeing your ladies and their wonderful quilts! One of my students wanted to make a Kantha quilt last year, so I had to go away and learn all about it to be able to teach her! :) Fantastic - so clever, deceptively simple and the best possible use of recycling fabrics

jsews said...

I love Kantha quilts and have been eyeing them lately as several of my CA friends have made them into jackets that are reversible! They were inspired by one Heidi Klum wore. Check it out here:
Thanks for sharing!