Friday, October 10, 2014

Hoppy Friday! A little local music.

So two weekends ago we celebrated Captain's birthday in a really fun way.

She was lucky enough to have country music star, Bryan Mayer perform in her garage for her birthday.

Now it wasn't that he just decided to show up for her birthday.

Bryan is a local fella and each year he donates his talent and time to different charities. It's his way of giving back.

Our dear friends, Rick and Marie Phillips (aren't they cute?) placed a bid at the Heart Ball and won Bryan's talents for an evening.

Captain and Eric offered to host the event and have a pool party, but after months of trying to get everyone's schedules to work out, it ended up being Captain's birthday weekend and instead of a pool party, it became a garage party.

Bryan is an awesome fella and he's soooooooooo tall! Everyone laughed and laughed when I had my photo taken with him. I'm 5' and he's 6'8".

It was such a wonderful time together laughing, dancing and celebrating with friends. Happy Birthday Captain!

Here are two songs I really love of Bryan's. Enjoy and go look him up on Facebook!

See ya back here on Monday.

Michelle, the Bunnies and Sabrina too. 


Christine M said...

What a special treat for Captain's birthday. That is a funny photo of you and Bryan. But you do know, of course, that good things come in small parcels! Have a lovely weekend, Shell. xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Do you know that I'm about 5'4 and I took have towering CHILDREN over me at the high school, and this is the scene for me too? YIKES, he is a lovely and statuesque chap!!!!!!!

What a grand party, the garage! You know how to party. And sweet Captain will never forget this!

HOPPY, HAPPY, it's Friday!

Lana said...

Awwwh! Such fun! and cute picture! Made me giggle too...

speedyrabbit said...

now that is one cool shindig!,xx Rachel

tink's mom said...

What a hoot you must have had. happy birthday Captain.

Melody said...

Happy Birthday to Captain.

Tina said...

Your picture with Bryan is just so cute! My goodness you are a tiny little thing ;o)

Congratulations to Captain to another year younger!

Rabbits' Guy said...

You-all do know how to party!

Jules Woolford said...

Great to see more of the party here! What great friends you have. Talking of height differences - in the supermarket last week I could not reach the cabbage, and Andy had wandered off. I was saved when a nice young man came along and got one down for me after seeing this short, (possibly mad, :)) woman frantically jumping up and down, trying to knock one off the top shelf!xxx