Friday, August 30, 2013

Inspired by the Fun of Folk Art

I know it's Friday and normally we have Harrington and Hannah here, but since Wednesday was Happy Harrington Day, I decided to share some fun folk art with you today.

I simply adore folk art and it inspires me in so many ways with my designs. Folk art makes you smile, laugh and feel good. It's whimsical, silly and unpretentious. It's art that comes from the heart.

There are so many wonderful mediums in folk art from painting, wood working, pottery and of course textiles. I find inspiration from all of them. Of course, I also love to collect pieces from other artists especially pieces I know I could never make myself.
For instance, this first piece is from the fabulous Sandra McKenzie Schmit. There is a cool interview with her on the site. Hop over and take a listen to this sweet and very talented artist.

This piece is a casserole dish. You know I love it with the bunny on top! You can use it in the oven, microwave and even put it in the dishwasher. I'm saving my pennies to get this piece.

Another piece I love by Sandra is this sugar bowl,

and then there is this utensil holder. I want it to hold all my scissors and rotary cutters in Bunnyville. Aren't her pieces wonderful? I find her work to be so charming.

Next is this one of a kind mug by husband and wife team, Dan and Laurie Henning. They met in art school a long time ago and have been making their living at art ever since. I think their work is so enchanting like something out of Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit.  They look like they are telling some wonderful tales of far away places.

This piece is actually one I own. My aunt and uncle purchased it for me for my birthday. I was blown away (major happy bunny dancing took place). You can put olive oil in it, but I simply enjoy it as a decoration.

These next few pieces are from Sarah Grant of Sticks. I have seen her work up close and it is stunning. She burns the lines into the wood and then stains the wood with beautiful colors. Her work is folk art whimsy at its best.

I think this chest is fabulous. I would love to have it as a coffee table.

This is a queen size bed. It's magnificent. I do believe I would have the most incredible dreams sleeping in this magical bed. :)

She also makes clocks. I have a thing for clocks. They are all over my house. This grandfather style clock is so cool.

I love the saying on this one.

and I love the colors and style of this one. It reminds me of a quilt.

This final piece from Sarah is a side table. I looooooooooooove it! I want it! I don't own any pieces from her "yet." It takes a lot of pennies to purchase one of her pieces, but it's fun to save for something like this which I know I will love forever.

The last artist today is Jennifer Lanne. I consider her paintings to be more of an elegant style of folk art. What draws me to her work is the simplicity of it. The colors are strikingly beautiful and she choses to focus on one thing. It's uncluttered and makes a statement.

I am loving that green and purple together. Gave me an idea for a cool Folk Art Fusion quilt.

This cow is soooooo sweet! I would love to have a giant bunny painting from her. Hmmm....might have to commission that one someday.

Again, her style is simple, but striking.

I own these four small originals from Jennifer.

I purchased them for this peg shelf that hangs in my bedroom. They were the perfect pop of color in my black and white color scheme. Not to mention, they fit perfectly in those openings. :)

So what kind of art do you like? Do you purchase original pieces? Do you have a favorite artist?

I want to wish you a very safe and fun Labor Day weekend here in the US. I swear it was just Memorial Day! What a fast summer this was. Remember, my 20% off SALE in my shop ends Monday. Change is in the air and things will be changing in Bunnyville too. Much good news to share with you so join me back here on Tuesday.

Light, love, hugs and lots of smiles.
Michelle and the Bunnies  


speedyrabbit said...

Oh these are gorgeous!can't afford at the moment but I want!May be I'll have to make my own stuff...hmmm,xx Rachel

brandi said...

Oh my goodness, what extraordinary talent!
Michelle, your lovely work fits in perfectly with other artists. It all makes me happy as a baby bunny in a clover patch on a mild summer day.

KaHolly said...

What divine pieces!! I love folk art. It's so alive, fun, and free!!

Lesley said...

What a wonderful gallery of Folk Art. Thanks for sharing such great pieces!

Jo May said...

This is a lovely collection of Folk Art!
I would like the bunny jars and the wooden bed, beautiful work.
Happy weekend to you, Shell.
Jo. xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning precious friend!

AHHHHH, love all the folk art because that is exactly what it is: the art of the people. How we see the world around us in nature especially, is the kind of art I LOVE, and if it has to do with RABBITS, COWS and horses, then I'm all there. I adore that utensil holder with the large bunny mouth open wide! And I think you must think about a commissioned piece of a bunny with a wreath like that sweet cow.....gorgeous.

Well my friend, school starts next Tuesday. I hope to "happen" to the kids in an inspirational way, I hope they "happen" upon themselves to discover the GOODNESS within them and the drive to learn. Let us pray...teeheeee

HUGS TO THE BUNNIES and you. Yes, we are blessed that life and love has happened to us!

Sheila said...

I love these pieces , happy and bright and just down right fun ! Enjoy your weekend :-)

Jules Woolford said...

I really enjoyed these pieces from some great artists Shell. We used to have a wonderful shop called 'New England' which imported folk art direct from the US and I loved to look around there and be inspired. I really love those 4 small paintings, especially the egg/nest.x

Pat said...

A few year back I worked for a Folk Art Craft show promoter. I loved everything that all the venders brought in. I have a few pieces of things I love that I bought and always wished I could afford more. It was always a fun weekend being around such wonderful artistians. I love your bunny things also. Some people are just so clever.

shez said...

lovely post Shell have a wonderful weekend.xx

Elizabeth Pollock said...

Now this is what I call whimsical bunny inspiration, Ok, OK, so there are some other things besides bunnies but of course we notice the bunny things the most!:D
So happy you shared these today but now I'm worried... I just have to check out the artists websites and you just know I'm going to find plenty of pieces I could add to my collection :D You're a bunny enabler ... :D
Hugs and enjoy the weekend my dear friend,
Beth P

Fiona said...

some gorgeous pieces in there Shell...

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Just some gorgeous pieces - I love the grandfather clock! Thank you for sharing all the photos and artists with their sites.

Melody said...

Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pieces.

Starr White said...

Oh, I enjoyed this so much! I adore folk art and these pieces are terrific. I especially like the pieces by Sarah Grant. I'd love to own any one of them. This was such fun - thanks for sharing!

Stitches said...

I just love all the pieces you have shown!! They all look like so much fun and would love to own some of them also...great post and pictures!!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Great art pieces! When you buy something that has been created by another person, it is such a personal having a bit of their heart with the piece. It makes the purchaser feel good to buy something they love and the artist feel good as someone appreciates their work.

Jennifer Reynolds said...

Swooning over the chest...and the bed...and the clock...

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh my goodness - so gorgeous. So many gorgeous things! Enjoyed seeing these Shell. blessings, marlene

Jeri Landers said...

Fabulous pieces, really! Good Folk art has been my favorite style for over 30 years and you have found some beauties. I want one of those Hare cups; I am going to look up the artists. Now I must also find the website of a fabulous artist that makes cotton rabbits. They look like antiques and are wonderful, you must have one! I will let you know when I rediscover the artist.

Jeri Landers said...

I forgot to tell you my favorite folk artist, Her name is Maria Pfropper and she is a folk painter. She is also a good friend whom I've know for over 2o years,but that isn't why I love her work, it's because she is fabulous!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Well hello Hannah-Banana, Harrington, and mummy! Thank you to my dear friends for coming this morning to see me off to school tomorrow. Let us pray...teeheeee.....that I can help these kids fall in love with....LEARNING.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Sweet. I show up for a Bunny Fix and all I get is a bunch of crap that sits around and collects dust. Humpfffff.

(Besides, our walls are full, our shelves are full, just about anyplace flat is full and so is the front side of the garage. Pretty much all rabbits.)

bunnits said...

Love it all!!

Lilac Haven said...

You are definitely a bad influence on me. Now here I go looking for the McKenize River pottery at a shop downtown Columbus that is a dealer. LOL