Monday, August 26, 2013

A quick reminder

Just a quick post for today. I have much to do and as always, I'm running behind. My nieces and nephew were with me last week, so I took some time away from work to just enjoy being an Auntie. :)

There is one week left for the sale in my shop. The 20% off sale will end September 2.

My friend, Penny Pritchard of A Quilt Makers Journal, purchased my Yellow Daisy Dresdens pattern/kit. This is her twist on my design. Isn't it awesome? I love it!! As a quilt teacher, I really love to see how people can put their own creative twist on things. It makes me smile big!

I still have two kits left and plenty of patterns if you would like to make one for yourself.

I also have lots of wool bundles available for your fall stitching. This one is called Pumpkin Harvest.

Hop over and get your goodies while the getting is good! hee,hee,hee.

Hugs and see ya Wednesday.

Michelle and the Bunnies


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HUGS HUGS HUGS to you and I want a pair of those scissors...gotta find me a pair! And I saw the cutest rabbit door knocker last week! LOVE TO ALL! Anita

speedyrabbit said...

I love both versions,Thank you for doing the shout out for Speedy when he was going through his surgery,it ment a lot,xx Rachel and Speedy

Rabbits' Guy said...

OMG! It's Christmas ... Oh dear ....

John'aLee said...

Those wool fabrics make me long for Fall...
Have a wonderful day!