Friday, November 19, 2010

Knock, Knock

Who's there?

Oh, it's just you mama. Where's dinner?
Sugie bun, bun, is doing so much better. Thank all of you so very much for your positive prayers and good wishes.

I made a couple of these patchwork jingle stars the other day. They were really fun to make. What are ya'll working on? Do you have lots to do on your Holiday list?

We hope you have a fun weekend and a very Happy Friday!

xx, shell, sugie and harrington


Patty C. said...

Glad the bunny is doing well
I am working on the LHN ornament series - I don't know if I will finish them all but I will come close :)

You star is lovely

Lisa Libelle said...

Oh hello my darling bunny! I wish you only the best and we send you a lot of big kiss!!! Lovelly, Lisa Libelle

The French Bear said...

Sugie honey......I am sooo happy you are doing better.
Snuggles and kisses to Momma!!! You take care Sugie babes!!!! What a pretty star know I love those shades of grey!!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Shell:
SOOOO glad to see that Sugar was up to writing part of your post today! I was worried.
Your Jingle Star is stunning, girlfriend. LOVE IT!
Have a great weekend.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh yes, I have lots to do on my holiday list, but I am still moving slow, so the list may not get completed! But I'm trying to stay productive! Have a great weekend :-)

Hef's Mom said...

Hello Sugie! Goodness, we have so much christmas shopping to do! Be a nice bun, eat your supper and don't remind me about my shopping!

The Fab Furs said...

Way to go Sugie! The jingle star looks great (wouldn't it be nice for a bun to rest her head on and then she can jingle the bells when she wants something).

d. moll, said...

OK, OK, does Sugie let you kiss her nose? I just have to know. I should be working on making prints......

Jan M said...

Happy to hear Sugie is feeling better. I have been knitting this week. Just simple and fun scarves, because my knitting needles were looking a little lonely. Have a wonderful weekend!

marian said...

I'm getting so inspired by your and other blogs! Don't know what to start first!!! But I'm still working on a crocheted scarf for the moment.
Love the patchwork star you made!
Have a great weekend!

April Mechelle said...

So Happy Sugie is doing better. Looks great in his house!!! Love the Lady Sophia Snowflake !!!

Jade said...

SO wishing I could be there to kiss that sweet little face--and so glad that Miss Sugie is feeling better.

Your jingle tree is gorgeous! I have some scarves to make and I have been very lazy about getting them started--not a good idea when you need to have them done by Dec. 5th if you want to avoid needing to ship them out to their recipients.

Give Sugie and Harrington oodles of snuggles for me *hugs*

Lisa said...

SO glad Sugie is feeling better!!!! That first pic is so funny, it actually looks like she's saying, "who is it?"

Love the patchwork. You are just another of Santa's little elves lately, Shell!

Karen M said...

So glad to hear Sugie is feeling better. But seriously, do you give her a fresh towel for photo ops? How does that towel not look like swiss cheese, like every bunny towel around here?

CHRIS said...

Hi Michelle, Glad to know bunny is better. Your grey n white star is lovely. I have a very long list but that hasnt stopped me beginning a cute bunny quilt. xx

Megan Chamberlain said...

I love Sugie's house, I am glad she is getting better. I hope Harrington is okay. Your star is beautiful.
I am busy stitching Christmas bears and some new kits.
Hugs to you and the beautiful bunnies.

Deb said...

Oh, I could just hug and snuggle that little munchkin. So sweet.
I am working on my stairs to display my Santa collection. Love your creation. Have a fun weekend. Deb=^..^=x5


who's there--
just the one "you" left out!!
who's that--
ME--Sir Walter Harrington!!!
I am going to go live with Di--
she wouldn't leave me out of the picture!!!!!
Hugs, Gracie and Di!!Love the star!

Rebecca said...

Hi Shell
Hope all is well in bunnyville... Love the star.
I have a project going on in my attic that is taking way too long. After that hopefully I can play a little

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Shell,

So glad to hear that Sugie is feeling better and what a sweet house she lives in.
Love your star and I should be working on things, and must get more motivated again.

Happy weekend

Natascha said...

She looks so cute. When I gave Gwennie a towel she litterly made it look like a swiss cheese. Is Sugie a chewer?
I love the stars! I finished all my holiday shopping. I am not a fan of crowds or lines so I wanted to get as much done as possible. Next will be on to decorating the house!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a wonderful jingle star and so glad that Sugie is feeling better!

Brenda Kula said...

Well thank goodness on that news! I'm working on thinking about what I want to be working on.

gail said...

Hi Shell, I am so happy to hear Sugie is feeling much better. Poor girl, nobody likes being sick.
I love the jingle bell stars. Its so sweet. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. (()) gail

Rabbits' Guy said...

I think BL has gotten a start maybe. I'm still on last year's list yet.

Yea Sugie!

Nice star - go good with a certain white tree!

Katie :o) said...

Ahhhh! I have missed your cheery posts! Fun to catch back up after a stint away from blog-world! Unbelievably, I am actually ahead on my holiday list! Or at least not as terribly far behind as I usually am.... Winter quilts are out, my gift list is steadily getting updated and checked off, and versions of the very-long-Christmas-letter (book?) are running through my head. Ahhhhhh... somehow I am excited for the holiday season in spite of myself :o)

Melody said...

So glad your little darling is getting better. I love the star, just gorgeous.

Rebecka said...

So glad Sugie is doing better. Your jingle star is really cute. Have fun at your art show.

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Oh I was wondering about Sugie and hoping she was doing better...tough little bunny gal you got there:D and Good job Sugie...keep it up sweetie pie. Your male doppalganger, Jaks, all the way in the North is happy to hear your doing better too and sends you lots of kisses:D