Friday, October 22, 2010

Bunny Bloggy Yardsale Day 3 SOLD! Thank You!

The yardsale continues. Next up is this pair of little veggie lover bunnies. One has some asparagus (roasted with olive oil, kosher salt and black pepper are a personal favorite) and the other has a carrot. They have a charming distressed finished to them each measures approximately 5" x 7".

The cost With shipping for both is $25.00If you wish to purchase these, Please Send Me an Email. First email wins. I will then send you an invoice.
SOLD! Thank you!
Good luck and happy shopping. Have a great weekend everyone. I'm off to catch up on blog reading and get more pieces done for the show. I can't wait to show you my wishing stars next week and my quilted trees. Fun! Fun! Fun!

xx, shell, sugie and harrington


The French Bear said...

Shell, these are adorable, I am sure they will be off to a new home soon! Can't wait to see the wishing stars and quilted trees....oohhh so intrigued!!!!

Hef's Mom said...

AHH! Shell shared a recipe on her blog, well sort of. Haha!

Lisa said...

They are SO cute!!! And your asparagus sounds delish!!! Hehe.

Barb said...

So cute!!

Melody said...

These are adorable. I'll try my asparagus this way. Hi to the bunnies.

GranthamLynn said...

Ok. Trying agaaaaaaaaaaainnnnn!
Did someone beat me to these? I really wanted a lamp but I will settle for these little darlings.
I am not sure why you would sell them except that I neeeed them!
Here's my email I still haven't fixed my blog. Sorrry.
Thanks for offering these. Feel free to stick little Mr. Harrington in the box if he is still in trouble! LOL.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Shell,

These little bunnies are so cute and see they have been sold already.
Look forward to seeing the wishing stars and quilted trees.

Happy weekend

Jindi's Cottage said...

Kosher salt? Who knew! That sent me off to google on a research trip...I bought some asparagus today so I think I just may test your "recipe" for tea tonight...don't have any kosher salt so will just have to do with the regular sea stuff...

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