Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feeling a little Blue...In a good way!

So it all started when I took one of those quizzes about personality and color. I love taking those things. They are always the same answer, but somehow I think I need to keep taking them in case someone else invaded my body and I may somehow like something else! Yeah right...I'm the same old ding dong as before!

So this one said that "you are not one for a lot of color." Uhhh yep, that would be right. Then it said, "you like a calm neutral background with a little bit of color added in through accents. Hmmmm....

Then I saw this on sale at Pottery Barn. Since I just ripped all the carpeting out of the living room and added hardwood, I wanted a little rug for under the coffee table to ground the room if you will. I saw that this had that calm blue color I liked and the price was good, so I thought I would give it a try. Can we say loooooooooooooove it!!!!

Then... I remembered this cool clock I saw at Pier 1 or as my friend says, Pier Fun! I said to myself that if it was still there, it was meant to be and I would bring it home. Hello clock, welcome to your new home! David likes it too. We have this weird obsession with time.

Then Pier fun had these really pretty hydrangeas in the same blue. I thought I could add them to the kitchen to bring that little bit of blue color there.

Then I found this candle and put it in my favorite candle holder. It smells divine and again adds just a touch of color.

Oh and then I found some great scented oil at Pier fun called Oceans. I love the way it smells and the color.... perrrrrrfect! Isn't it funny how you can't smell your own house??? I buy all this stuff, but can't smell my own smell. What's even funnier is when someone asks you to describe the smell of their house and you can't.. you just say...it smells like you!!! hee,hee,hee! Cracks me up!

Then.... I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found these ready made curtains (still had to take the hem out and resew, but ok with that). The color... perfect, the embroidered flowers on them...perfect!!! The price... on clearance and then the fella gave me two coupons...perfect! I got both panels for $30!!!! I think they add a great little "pop" of color to my dining room.

So...here's what the rug looks like in the living room.

Another view of it. See the clock and the new chenille throw on the chair? I think it still looks very calm, clean and serene. Maybe a little more spa zen???

Now... here is some Valdani floss that is soooo perfect with my new color scheme. I'm currently designing a new pattern with this floss to hang in the dining room. I'm so excited!!! I can't stitch it fast enough! Of course you'll be able to make the pattern too! I really think you'll like it!

Stay tuned!



Hi Shell--Love all the "blue" accents you have added--how relaxing everything looks--especially this dish with the floss--it;s the best yet!!!
Have fun
Hugs, Di

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Shell:
Love the blue! Of course, I do! I have some, too...in my living room, guest room, Hubby's office and studio area. Most of the walls are white, with Restoration Hardware's "Atmosphere Blue" for accent. I just have more "stuff" that gets into the "view".
Thanks for the photos. I love em, you know!

Rebecka said...

OMG! I love your house. You have great taste. I like Pier fun too. I love hardwood floors. We have some hardwood on our first floor and I would love to rip out all the rest of the carpet on that floor and put in wood. Your rug is BEAUTIFUL! Nice details or accessories! :)

Ruth B said...

Your home is gorgeous....just gorgeous. I love the blue accents you found. The rug is yummy and all the other pieces are perfect. This is the color scheme I chose for the bathroom in the house I'm moving to. Calm, serene, relaxing. You are very brave to have white furniture. I so can't do that with my husband and dogs around. I was looking at a decorating book yesterday and saw a beautiful bathroom that had an easy chair in front of the toilet. Is this something new? A conversation area by the toilet? Ahhhh....no. I won't be doing that. Can't wait to see what you make!

Crafty Green Poet said...

such a lovely rug and such a lovely living room! All the blue items are wonderful too, specially the clock

Hef's Mom said...

Love the blue, its like Marie Antionette. I saw those curtians at BB&B and wanted them myself! Just a tip, you can save expired coupons for bb&b AND you can use one for each item you buy!
P.S. We sent you a care package last night, should be there by friday!

Karen M said...

That blue is so pretty and soft. BTW, how do the rabbits handle the hardwood? Mine are not too thrilled with it, so we kept some nasty old carpet in one room, just for them.

The French Bear said...

Shell, it is so beautiful! I love that rug, it is a really stunning piece and I don't even mind the blue. I am changing my taste so much since I have been blogging!!! Your house looks gorgeous!
Margaret B

Rebecca said...

Hi Shell
Your house is fabulous! Love the blue accents and of course all the wonderful white with the hardwood flooring!
Can I just sit there for awhile and hold a bunny :)

By Hoki Quilts said...

Shell, I just love your home. So fresh and serene. Oh how I would love that look, but with two dogs, two cats and a DH I don't have a hope so we just stick to the 'muddy country colours' *sigh*.
hugs - Miche'le

Jade and Mickey said...

Nicely done--I'm a color person, not usually a big fan of white walls, but your accent pieces make all the white look great and vice versa.

Karen Valentine said...

Hello my sweet friend! I love the blue accents and it appears fate wanted you to have them too!!! Your home look so serene and peaceful. Do you love your new wood floors? We have wood and they are in desperate need of being sanded and refinished. (They are probably 15-20 years old.) I don't know what a shiny floor looks like!!! I hope you and your family are well (the cute furry ones too). Have a wonderful day!!!

My Desert Cottage

Kathy said...

The pics of your home are GORGEOUS!

Jules said...

You should really publish an interior design book you know, Shell Style, or something similar. I think you'd have a big take-up!

Shirley said...

Shell, I dearly love your new look with the blue accent. It looks so inviting. The rug adds to the room. I have hardwood floors in my house and have for a lot of years. I wouldn't have it any way. I didn't like carpet because to me it is harder to take care of. I am anxious to see what you make with your new embroidery thread. Take care. Your Missouri Friend

MyJourneyBack said...

Love the blue how pretty. I love the Pier One nick name! Pier Fun. I agree.
How are the buns?
Hope you have a Bunderful Thursday.

Cathi said...

How beautifully serene!! The blue is just the perfect accent!!

KatCollects said...

I love the blue in your home, so so beautiful! I wanted to stop in and say a quick Hi,and say a big thank you for the sweet support and care you have shown. It really does mean alot.

Christina said...

That looks lovely. You have excellent taste.