Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wild Hare Wednesday - Wrapping Paper Reconnaissance

So this Wild Hare involved Target, David and Tactical Measures.
Again, same as last week, my Wild Hare Wednesday's are tales to be told. So go pee, get a drink and get comfy. hee,hee,hee.

Ok... so being a rather small, tiny, person, I'm not one to partake of Black Friday or Day after Christmas Sales for the fear of being trampled to death! I have to stand my ground with my buggy on a normal day at the grocery store for Pete's Sake! (back away from the lettuce... I got bunnies to feed!)

So anyway. I was walking through Target before Christmas and came across the most fabulous, gorgeous, down right, had my name written all over it, wrapping paper!!! Helloooooooooo my lovely. $5.00 a roll!!! What!!!! No way!!! But then... the light bulb went off. "AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE." Oh boy!! I would get it after Christmas!!!! It will be half price!!! Oh boy what beautiful gifts I will wrap with this "oh so fabulous paper that just screams my name!" People will oooh and ahhhh and cheer when their gift is wrapped with this paper. They won't even want to open it!!! It's lovely, it's gorgeous it's...Ok... I'm back....

I did some reconnaissance work and located where all the rolls were on the isles.

Then all of a sudden I thought about getting up at "oh stupid o'clock" and getting ready to get to Target. I'm totally NOT a morning person. My alarm goes off and I normally need a good 15 minutes to get a grip on reality. Then of course there's the whole hair and makeup thing (not like I do much) but let's just say that if I leave the house without my simple hair and makeup, I will turn all those that look at me to stone. Yes... I'm Medusa in the morning. It's really bad. Plus, I can't go anywhere without some coffee first thing and some food or I will pass out in a lump. All this would require me to get up even earlier! Ick, gag, puke!

Then I thought about David. Ahhh yes, dear hubby, David. David is bald (well pretty much). David is use to eating breakfast at 9:00 during his first break at work. David wears the same "uniform" jeans, white socks, white tee shirt every day. Fifteen minutes and the man can be out the door like lightning!!!

So he went to Target, grabbed his buggy and proceeded to to go up and down the isles. He called me twice for some tactical measures and low and behold he got 14 rolls of my fabulous wrapping paper!! Mission accomplished!!! Of course, I couldn't help but laugh at the fact he was the only male in the wrapping paper isle. Those women must have thought one of two things. A: he's obviously gay with that paper or B: what a lucky woman to have a husband like that.

Sooooo.... how did I convince him to get the wrapping paper and look like a gay guy the day after Christmas?? Give a man a flat screen, state of the art, TV for Christmas and he'll do just about anything! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

A very successful Wild Hare indeed (for all parties involved).




I love the story---wish at times like this that I had a "hubby" to send on my missions!!!! Oh well!!!!
Have fun with all that paper???
Hugs, Di&co.a

Cathi said...

This made me laugh out loud!!! Love it, absolutely love it!

Rebecka said...

You are such a good writer! Loved your story! I think a man will do anything for a flat screen. My friend gave her husband a flat screen and he gave her the biggest hug and cried. Then, said this is the best gift you have ever given me.
I will remember remember this when I need a favor! You make me smile.
By the way, cool paper! Have a great Wednesday.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh wow that is hilarious! What a score! Glad that you got your very cool wrapping paper :-)

Tamsin said...

That's some very snazzy wrapping paper and a good example of successful delegating, lol.

My sister was out today 'shopping' for wallpaper samples for a scrap book (and her wall) and came back with paper that looks very similar.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Sweetie:
You're so funny! I laughed at your "Medusa in the Morning". What a hoot!
Congrats to David on his new flat screen...and you get the most creative wife award for getting him to go shopping on Black Friday FOR YOU! I love the paper.

BTW- You didn't miss that blog post. I'm in the process of setting up navigation buttons for the top of my blog bar and needed urls to attach them to. I did those posts retroactively to create the urls. I'm trying to quiet down my sidebars a bit. (It's gonna take some real editing! Where are you when I need you?!) lol

My post will go up at midnight. Hope it gives you a giggle.


My word verification for this post is "boxic"...where do they get these anyway?!

Jan said...

Great story, yes husbands can be useful.

gail said...

OMG that made me laugh. I know the paper you are talking about. I loved it too! It does look like you.
Happy Wrapping next year, Hey Chritmas is only like 342 day away now!
Hugs, gail

Cathy said...

My husband will do many crazy things for me. Shopping for wrapping paper on the day after Christmas would NOT be one of them. I don't care how big of a TV I would have bought him.

Now if it involved the tractor, maybe!

Congrats on your paper score!

SewCalGal said...

What a delightful post. And better yet, I truly believe you have a wonderful hubby. Something tells me he would have gone shopping for your wrapping paper even if he didn't get the new flat screen tv for Christmas. I think he is just that kinda guy (and no he isn't gay, he is just a wonderful guy!).


Karin said...

Hey Shell,
What a Fantabulous guy you have there. 14 rolls WOW. The wrapping paper is gorgeous, I hope you got it for a great price. I do love your stories - keep them coming.
Karin in Oz.

Hef's Mom said...

Way to go Dave! Lovely paper it is very similar to the wallpaper I want for my kitchen!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Awww, Dave is so sweet!! I LOVE that paper too Shell, that is fabulous :) I can see it with "pink" ribbon, tee hee!
We are so much alike, it isnt even funny! We are both tiny, both wont leave the house without a little makeup and hair grooming, NEED COFFEE, both have FABulous bald husbands that will do anything for us, lol! Love it!!

Jules said...

Thanks for brightening up a very cold day with another of your great stories. Dave is a gem!
Glad to know someone else needs morning prep - Andy calls me "Witchiepoo" when he sees my hair in the morning - I look like a walking bush!!!

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

A man will do most anything for a large tv. I don't get it. But then I'm female. Well, the wrapping paper is gorgeous. I can see some decoupage projects with those beauties. I'm sitting here trying to think of a wild hare story. Much of my life has been a wild hare story. Menopause takes my memory at the present moment however. I do hope it gives it back.

Barbara said...

Greater love hath no man than that he should suffer thru the agonies of after Christmas sales, for wrapping paper no less, for the love of his life, grin. BarbM

joanne May said...

Hi Shell May,
Every time I visit you I have a giggle at your posts... I love the way you write. You are indeed as mad as a March Hare...Hee hee!:)
Very nice wrapping paper, with a really classy design and a very nice husband too!;)
You could redecorate your living room with that much paper...Lol.
Many thanks for your visit and kind words.:)
If you are interested I'm going to make some new rabbit necklaces very soon!:)
I have some lovely rabbit design pendants, arriving any day now... Let me know which colour beads you like and I will make a small, silver, bead necklace, about 16 or 17 inches long. I will put it in my Etsy shop next week. There will be no obligation to buy it, if it's in my shop. You can just see what you think of the design!:)
Much hare magic.
Love. Jo May.x

MyJourneyBack said...

I don't have time to read it right now but I am lovin' that paper. And if you decide not to use it well come over to my blog and see My Wild Hare idea.
I'll be back later to read your entire Wild Hare post.
BTW you are going to draw may name aren't you. LOL.
Have a great day.
Bunny Hugs,

Lolly said...

Great wallpaper, but even greater hubby! Very cool!

MyJourneyBack said...

Don't you love marked down lettuce? I always have to grit my teeth when someone is ahead of my. My krogers marks down sack romaine my buns love it. I cracked up reading this. Reminds me of one of my husbands escapades I'll have to post about. I am glad you got that wrapping paper. I figured you were going to do something creative with. It's too pretty to tear up!
Have a great day,

DianeH said...

Fun post! Great paper and your husband's a great guy! I will have to start saving up for a big screen TV, seems they come in very handy.

Sherrie said...

How fun was that. Nothing tells me more that my husband must love me alot, than when he braves the mall for me!! Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca said...

Hi Shell
That was crazy! lol
All for wrapping paper - you crack me up...
Happy New Year to you and wishing you a Gods best this coming year!

Shirley said...

I loved your story and had a really good laugh which I appreciated very much. Thanks for sharing

Mary Wadsworth said...

For goodness sake Shell, you need your own syndicated column! You crack me up:) You are so funny and such a wonderful story teller.

Loving the paper, is it flocked?

Thanks again for the bunny lady banter.


Dolly said...

Too funny!
My hubby would do the same thing for me.....I won't mention it took the flat screen for your hubby to do it! We will keep that between us ok! :-)

I got the same paper but in red.....I love that you can use it for any occasion!


Jean Stockdale said...

Great post!! What a good guy!! Somehow I think he would have pitched in with or without the TV but it surely did not hurt! Blessings.

Annette F. Tait said...

lovely paper choice Shell! and what a super husband you have (I am sure he would have done it for less?) ... then again ...

these wild hares are fun!

The French Bear said...

Oh Shell you are so funny!!! That husband of yours is a trooper, I love the wrapping paper!!! I bought all grey to match my tree so who am I to talk!!!!
Nice TV, he scored on that one!!!
Margaret B

Jeanne said...

Hi Shell -- this was a great story and I forwarded it to Tim who is in his glory with HIS new flat screen. Our brother-in-law was green with envy when he was here for Christmas. State-of-the-art wine room? Yeah, nice, quite nice. But the Super Bowl in High Def? NOW we're talkin'. Happy new year to you and hope to have you over soon -- we are still organizing!

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Shell,

Your post always makes my day. Your hubby is such a darling. I can't wait to see what you are making with all that wrapping paper!

Pei Li