Sunday, November 29, 2009

So Maybe... I'm just being a little Poo Poo

So maybe it's been a really crappy year.
So maybe I'm having a hard time being in the Christmas Spirit because I've had so much loss and sadness around me.

So maybe I really don't care about "stuff" as much as I care about people and critters. Therefore I gave away so much "stuff" this year and I don't miss it.

So maybe I'm ready to tell 2009 to kiss my butt!!!!! Should it kiss your butt too??
So maybe everyone around me is sucked into the same vortex of crap, despair, worry and sickness.
So maybe I've never been more ready for a crappy year to end.
So maybe I'm ready for ZEN in 2010!!!!!! A wake up call this year has been? A reality check? What really is important to us all?
So maybe I'm always a pretty happy, go lucky, silly, goof ball and dorkwad, but lately I feel like I've been thrown under the bus along with all my friends. Will it end?? What's going on???
So maybe, as hard as I try, as much positive thinking I do, as much as I'm grateful for, as much as I want happy, I"m just being a little bit poo poo.
How about you??? Are you feeling poo poo this year too?
This bunny ornament is from The Merck Family's Old World Christmas Collection. On the tag it reads, "Rabbits are very shy and frail animals. Having no natural means of protecting itself, the rabbit is therefore dependent on the kindness of man and other animals for its survival. At Christmastime the rabbit represents the renewal of this faith in others to provide guidance, protection and kindness.
I know one thing... I'm grateful for the kindness and friendship of others that I have found through blogland. I'm grateful for the kindness and friendship of others near me. I'm grateful for the faith I have in others and their kindness to me.
Sending out lots of hugs to you all. Sending out lots of faith in us all to provide kindness whenever we can.
Sending out a big group hug of protection from sadness.
Love to you all,
This week IGF 2009 leaving soon.


Shell said...

I love this time of year. With all that has happened, I'm going to do my best to be authentic with my feelings. I will be glad when 2009 ends. It is a year that I'll never forget.

Mary Wadsworth said...

Shell I am sending gigantic hugs back, and covering you with prayer. I have a favorite saying I once heard, "God is bigger than the boogie man!"
When life gets ugly I have to remind myself of this:)

May faith and kindness be your constant companions.
Your friend always,

Hef's Mom said...

HUGS HUGS HUGS! So sorry to hear you've had a bad year. I hope 2010 is so much better for you!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Shell:
From the sound of things, I'd suggest you just don't look in your rear-view mirror for a while. I'll be sending happy thoughts your way - now and always - my friend.

Cathi said...

It seems 2009 was not kind to many. I will be happy as can be to see 2010 make its entrance. WIsh for you is a happy and kind 2010.

quiltmom said...

Shell, I hope that the Christmas season is the beginning of a fresh start. It is the season of Hope and the promise of Joy, comradry and friendship.
I wish you good health, prosperity but most of all the love and support of family and friends when you feel overwhelmed by life's challenges. I know from your blog you bring much to others- You are loved and valued.
May the new Zen begin.
Warmest regards,

Patricia said...

Oh sweet friend, I too will be happy to say goodbye to 2009. Here's to 2010 and all the Zen we can use. Big hugs to you. I will say IGF 2009 for bringing you into my life and a smile everytime I think of you.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Di said...

Hi Shell
All the way from sunny Adelaide in Australia, I send warmth and hope for the new year. Our Father walks with us and it is my prayer that He willhold you closely so you may rest in His Love.

Anna said...

I did not like 2009 very much either, there was much going on, so my feelings are with you! and hope 2010 is much much better for us all!
sometimes there were good things Remy, I enjoyed him very much and still do...there are always good and bad things happen but to me last year were more bad so I will be waiting for the good...

The French Bear said...

OH Shell honey, yes you have had a crappy time of it lately....... it has been a poo poo year. I am tired and worn out..... my Lupus is flaring up although the RA is subsiding, but they've doubled my meds and sometimes my head just swirls.... yikes.
I too have faith in the new year coming, but I am grateful for one thing in 2009, I met you!!!!
Margaret B

Karen said...

Although 09 had it's ups and downs, I can truthfully say that I've had many years that were far, far worse than this one. So, I thank the Lord for I have and look forward to a great 2010. Have you noticed that when you write Jan10 it's maybe Jan2010 or maybe it's Jan the 10th!!! Little things amuse me :)

Thank you for the Free Designs, I'm saving them every day, but don't have time to stitch them right now. It might be a project for next Christmas.

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Shell, it has been a 'strange and difficult' year of sorts hasn't it!

I find myself amidst sadness often, life is great, don't get me wrong, (but loosing our sweet Hazel threw us for a loop this past year) but really its the people around me who make me sad...people in this world just aren't what they should be. Wheres the authenticity...wheres the warmth, where is the honesty and mostly where the hell is the kindess! Espeacially towards our animal friends. I just get so confused. More often than not, the only ones who make any sense to me are the rabbits...and other furry hearts.

Well lovely lady I am sending you a big warm giant hug full of protective energies as well:D I love that your honest on your blog and write from the heart...thank you for that.

p.s. I have 3 ornaments from the same company, 2 rabbits and 1 owl (and used to have a chickadee that broke:C) they are my favourite ornaments ever...and the words on the tag so very true. Thank you also for being a wonderful mom to and lover of the long earred:D

Doodle Buddy said...

Shell, you have described my 2009 along with yours. Let's look forward to a better year in 2010. Just remember, you are loved! By more folks than you know!

Hugs to you and your huggy bunnies!

Susie said...

Hi Sweet Shell!
I am grateful for you and your wonderful blog!
Susie, The Polka Dot Rose
Zen in 2010 sounds good to me!

N. Maria said...

Big bunny hugs to you, too, Shell.
You hit it right on the nose for's so strange to feel so blue.
Normally, I love, love the Christmas spirit. It usually starts to move me in November.
Your blog is an inspiration to me and it!