Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Sick Bun, A Show Done and an Art Exchange

So I get done with the Holiday Show last Sunday and I'm relieved that I can get back home and get to working on the next major set of deadlines, get my house back in order, get all my paperwork caught up and get caught up on my blog reading. But what happens??? Razzy stops eating on Monday morning. Not good! So we get an appointment with the vet that as many of you know is a 2 1/2 hour drive one way. Needless to say we left at 6:30 am on Tuesday and got home at 8:30 that night. Oh wait, I got home, Razzy had to stay in the hospital. He's got a urinary tract infection. David picked him up on Wednesday as he had the day off and Razzy is home and doing much better thanks to some antibiotics.

Here's my booth at the show, which was sandwiched between two food vendors. Let's see "all white and textiles" next to food and people sampling food. Comical to say the least. Can you see the little bowls of embroidery floss on the table? If I had a dollar for every time someone came up and thought it was food to sample, I would be rich! All in all it was a great show and I met lots of new customers and people that liked my patterns and my "white design style." Oh and note to self that this outfit makes me look fat.

I'm participating in an art exchange and when I got home, I started getting some art in the mail. I can hardly stand how much fun it is to get art in the mail!!!
This gorgeous piece above came from Tracie at My Petite Maison . It's filled with lavender bath salts from France! I love it!

Next, wrapped in this pretty little bundle with a handmade card (with bunnies)
was this bunny scissor keeper, ATC, and scissor fob from my dear friend Donna at
Brynwood Needle Works. Donna truly spoiled me with these!

Yesterday came this fun print from Jenn Mcglon at Noodle and Lou Studio. I think I'll put it on my vision board to remind me to imagine the possibilities before me.
Thank you so much everyone! This has been a blast so far. I'll post soon about what I sent to my exchange friend. For now... back to the paperwork. Ick.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Michelle.
Happy Saturday sweetie. I just wanted to drop a line and see how Razzy is doing now. A UTI, who would have thought. I never thought about a rabbit getting one. Bless his little heart. He is so precious. I love his little face and his ears. He looks as soft as silk. Thank goodness you were able to get him into the vet.

Now the comment on your picture. You DO NOT look fat. I was thinking how cute that picture looks, only to keep scrolling and find out you didn't like the picture and had made a note to yourself. I love it. You look precious, and far from fat sweetie.

Love all the whites. Your booth looks so beautiful. I am with you though, I would certainly want to make sure that next time they set you nowhere near a food booth. Poor arrangements on their ends. Not smart.

Lovin your gift you received. I really loved the handmade bunny card and the bunny scissor keeper. I have never seen either one of those before. Just down right cute.

Please stop by and say hi. I would so love to have you visit.

Country hugs...Sherry

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Shell: I got your message today. I'm so glad you liked the art goodies I sent to you. I thank you for the inspiration to create "bunny" things for you!

I hope Razzy is feeling better. Someone should tell him this IS NOT the way to celebrate turning five! Please keep us posted on his progress. No one likes a sick pet, and I'm sure I speak for all the Raspberry Rabbit fans when I say, I hope he's back to his ol' self soon.

Your booth is a gorgeous as you are! I love your offerings, your arrangement and your svelt self! No butt bashing allowed! You look great.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and keep in touch.

jindiscottage said...

Get well wishes to Razzy - poor bunny, no fun being sick. Hope he is better and hopping around very soon.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Poor sweet Razzy :( I am so glad he is feeling better.

Your booth looks so beautiful Shell and so do you!!! You do NOT look fat at all!! I love your sweater :) All the whites in your booth are just so soft and serene, I am loving that look right now!!

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

You don't look fat in anything! Wish I looked that good. I'm so sorry about your baby. Glad you figured out what's wrong. It's hard to figure out urinary tract infections with pets till the vet checks it out and discovers it, I've found.

Lisa Holtzman said...

So happy to find you through Diane Duda. Glad Razzy's doing better. Love your Gabriella stitchery.

Mary Wadsworth said...

Oh sweet bunny boy I am so sorry you
were not feeling well:( I hope you are all better soon.
Big hugs and carrot kisses!!!

PS, tell your mom she could never look fat! And her both looks awesome:)

More hugs,

Sea Witch said...

Get well Razzie boy. I hope he is feeling better soon. YOu look lovely next to your equally as lovely booth (and no, your outfit does not make you look fat) LOL. Such pretty things in your booth,hope you did well. Sea Witch

Rebecca said...

Thanks for stopping by!
Sorry your bunny has been sick and what a hectic day! I bet you are glad for this week to settle down a little. Blessings today

gingerwine said...

Is Razzy ok now?

Sam xx

quiltmom said...

Your booth looks lovely,Michelle you are beautiful as always. Life is busy as always for you.
Hope Razzy is much better- Pets are just like one's children. It is such a worry when they are sick.

Warmest regards,

Rebecka said...

Your booth looks great!! I hope Razzy is feeling much better. Bunnies are so touchy. (As you know.) And, thanks for sharing the art. Looks like a fun exchange!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh i hope Razzy feels 100% better soon...

Lisa Libelle said...

Oh hello! The sweet Razzy was darling I wish you only the best and I send You an your Mama a big hug!! Lovelly Lisa Libelle

Dianne Hadaway said...

Shell, Love the booth! Gorgeous!! And so are you honey-pie! You rock that outfit girl, there's no way you could look fat!! I was thinking, man I wish I could wear that kind of outfit, she looks so cute. I miss being small and cute... your picture was actually inspiring to me, so please don't spoil my inspiration!!! I'd give almost anything to be your size again! XOXO Dianne

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Oh its so terrifying when a rabbit gets sick because they can go downhill so very fast...I am glad Razzy is back home and hope the antibiotics heal all things up quickly.