Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleeping in Clouds or a Brown Paper Bag

So recently I've had many conversations with my girlfriends over the fact that we don't sleep very well. Is it our beds, our minds that don't stop, stress, hormones, or snoring, twitching husbands that smack their gums... David....????
What is it that happens to us in our, oh let's say 40 and over years that makes it so darn hard to get a good nights sleep?

I remember being 19 and I could sleep standing up against a wall at the bar I worked at getting a good 15 minute power nap and then be ready to go for another 6 hours! Now...??? Ridiculous.

My bed is perfect. It's fluffy with a feather bed mattress that supports the natural points of the body. I don't have a TV in the room. It's dark and I turn the A/C down so it's cold when my night sweats (yes I'm 41 and they've started) come on. Yet, as David sleeps like a darn log, I wake most of the night telling him to shut up, roll over, or wake myself up from shouting out the stresses of the day.

Sure wish I could be like a bunny. Razzy has found his perfect resting, sleeping, lounging area in a basic brown paper bag from the grocery store. Good thing there is still the paper or plastic choice around here. Good beds are hard to find, so is a good nights sleep.

Wishing you all the best sleep. Well all you girlfriends anyway. Men never seem to have an issue. Dorks.



Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Hi Shell,

I sure wish I could sleep like Razzy. He looks so peaceful. My reasons for lack of sleep are 7 and 3 1/2 yrs old. lol I bet just when they start to sleep better I won't be able to. I know what you mean though about being younger and sleeping anytime, anywhere. Oh I miss those days. Take care and hope you can get a good night's sleep soon.

Mary Wadsworth said...

Shell I can completely relate. But my sleep disturbances are caused by two little furry snoring machines, tee hee. Your bedroom is beautiful,
I hope you get some rest.

The French Bear said...

Shell, I can't imagine how wonderful a feather bed must feel like!!!!! Maybe Razzy could swap places..... oh no never mind..... hehe..... I think it's the stress of all the things coming up with the next few months being the busiest ever..... we need to take deep breaths!!!!
Margaret B

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

I used to be able to sleep on a nail and would be out in seconds. But the minute I hit peri-menopause that went out the window and so the tossing and turning started. Isn't life wonderful!!!

Gari in AL said...

I was lucky, I didn't start having sleep problems until about two years ago. Now, I fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow but am awake again around 2:30 and am lucky if I go back to sleep in an hour. Every day I say I am going to nap but I get busy and forget. Maybe I don't sleep because I am not working anymore. Worth it!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Shell:
What a beautiful bedroom! You're right if you mean that's the cloud you sleep on. We used to have a feather bed that I adored. Handsome hated it...sigh. Rumor has it that there is a loud, snoring monster that invades our bedroom after I go to sleep. Lies I tell you! All lies!

As always, Razzy is just one adorable lump. And thanks for leaving such a cute comment on my blog today. I laughed out loud when I read it. (You're not a dork!)


Hef's Mom said...

I never seem to be able to sleep either and I'm only 24! I can never just fall asleep and I don't stay asleep. Hef's dad can sleep anywhere anytime and says he likes it, LIKES IT, when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Of course two minutes later he's back to sleep. UGH!

Unknown said...

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry you havent been sleeping! That is one of the worst things. I used to NEVER sleep. But then I had kids, lol! Now, I can never get enough! Your bedroom is so beautiful Shell! I love it, so peaceful! And Razzy is too cute for words in that paper bsg!! I love him :) I had a dream about a bunny last night! I was trying to save his life from people that were trying to hurt him :( I wonder what that meant?
Love ya sweetie,

Unknown said...

Oh, I forgot to say, my husband snores sooooo loud!! When we were first married, I didnt know if I could handle it, lol! Now, I cant sleep without his snoring, lol! Pretty weird, huh?

d. moll, said...

Insomnia is rampant. Lots of good herbal possibilities and nutritional supplements.Foot rub before bed and socks in bad if your feet are cold......many options for treatment. Don't give up on trying to sleep, it's important.

Debbi said...

I used to survive on about 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Did that for years and years. I just can't seem to turn my brain off. But, I'll tell you what works for me -- Sleep MD. It's expensive, but so worth it. I've been using it for nearly 3 years now. The first night I tried it, I actually had a dream! I couldn't remember the last time I had dreamed; never got to deep sleep, I guess. I feel so much better now that I get about 7 hours of sleep a night.

Shell said...

I have to share with you, Shell Maybe it will bring a bit of comfort. One of my closest male friends who just turned 46. He told me that he when he turned 38 he wasn't able to sleep more than 3 hours straight. It's still like that for him. He confessed me right now he's going through serious male menopause. Men do get their version of it. For him, it's been really hard.

Patricia said...

Awww, Shell, so sorry you're not getting your sleep. Is there a possibility of sleep apnea? That might be a possibility. I had trouble for a while, too. Now DH has to sleep in a hospital bed in the living room and I hate to admit that once I got used to sleeping alone, Islept much better. Maybe Lucy and Desi had it right, twin beds? lol
Patricia Rose-APotpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Terri said...

Ahh if a paper bag was all it took. Adorable photo. and a very dreamy bedroom. Followed you over from Brynwood Needleworks. I think you gave her some great tips btw.

gail said...

Hi Shell,,, I love your pretty bedroom. I have my nights of not sleeping and I hate it. I have to have my 8 hours. I do OK, but the dang hot flashes suck. Razzie looks like he is a smary guy! Cats can drop asleep in 2 seconds flat too!
Thanks for visiting my new blog! Its going to be a fun project and something I really believe in too!
Have a great week,, bunny hugs,gail

Connie from Beverly Hills California said...

That bedroom is beautiful!! I think that women just have more on their minds than men. Someone has to think! Right?/ Stop by when you can. I have just opened Cottage Loft Boutique. Hugs, Connie

Life in Egypt said...

I am sitting here at 2.04 not afternoon but night. reading about some bunny who sleeps in a brown paper bag. when I can not sleep I blog or sort my days photos out and even read up on the days events.
the reason I cannot sleep this night is because the bloody dog next door cannot sleep. and why can,t it sleep cos there is another dog somewhere in the next village that can not sleep.
and the reason that dog can not sleep is cos there is a bunny in the garden most likely that cannot sleep because it does not have a brown paper bag to sleep in.
I then get a lump of charcoal and throw it at the dog, I did not want to shout abuse at the dog first because it does not seem to understand English. secondly so as not to wake the neighbors up who are people who sleep on the roof not on a feather mattress but as all Egyptians do on a blanket on the earth covered roof. the boys sleep on the donkey cart so as no one steals it. the dog on being hit with a lump of charcoal yelps. and guess what!! the neighbors wake up wondering why the dog yelped best part about it is its not even their dog it just likes to go on the roof to bark at other dogs all night. does not really bother me but this night I have toothache from eating too much sugar cane and I am waiting for the paracetamol tablet to kick in so I can get to sleep.and if that does not work I shall take a piraton that will knock me out until I get woken up by the dog tomorrow night.
love reading your blog. good night I shall now shut the windows and doors(keeps the noise out) in my cosy little flat on the roof in Luxor Egypt.

Lynn said...

Hi, I was "hoping" around and found your blog. What adorable rabbits. Very interesting info on them. I am commenting on all your posts at one time, lol. I too, love white. Your bedroom is beautiful. I love, love, love the white clocks, you gave me an idea about a clock I saw in target but it was black. I have the same cannisters, bought in Home Goods but they are acqua. My home has pink/acqua touches on tones of white. Love the lettuce lips! I think as we become "sages" (my term for "older" you know "older and wiser")we develop different sleep patterns. Maybe too much on our minds and in our hearts. We take life more seriously than at 19. Cup of herbal tea, a walk, warm candlelight shower etc sometimes work for me. Good luck. Great blog.

Cindy said...

Your bedroom is so beautiful! I'm the same way, I can't sleep through the night at all any more. Most nights I only get about 6 hours sleep! You are starting early! I'm 49 and I just started getting hot..a lot! haha!

Anonymous said...

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