Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Flirt

Razzy pulled me aside and proceeded to tell me that it is not entirely his fault that he can't leave Sugar alone and that he's sorry he acts like a love sick fool around her.
Apparently Sugar has an issue with Flirting! (click here to get an idea)

Upon hearing her name, Sugar tried to eavesdrop on our conversation.
Secretly, she really does love the fact that Razzy is so smitten with her.

I tried to console Razzy and tell him that even though Sugar is a big flirt and flashes her cute little tail in his face that he is a gentleman and needs to act like one. I told him that until he starts acting like a gentleman, no matter how much Sugar flirts with him, that she would have to stay in the playpen.

"Are you serious?" Razzy asked again. "Yes, I said.

He then proceeded to pout and be mad at me the rest of the afternoon.
To think... I thought bunnies were easier than kids. Yeah right!
bunny hugs,
This week IGF my upcoming visits with friends I've been trying to see all year! Yippeee!


Anonymous said...


They are just so adorable. My daughter had a rabbit that looked exactly like your Sugar. Her name was Claudia. She was such a good rabbit.


Shell said...

I so enjoy reading the adventures of Razzy and Sugar. Makes me want to get my own bunny except my cat, Mabel would be a bit jealous.

Patricia said...

Poor, poor Razzy. He tries so hard to be a good bunny. Can't wait to ready the newest installment to the grandkids.
Patricia Rose

The French Bear said...

Oh Razzy, poor little love struck bunny!!!!!
I just love him to bits!!!! Look at Sugar, how she flips her ears, ah ha haa, that is priceless!!!!!
Shell they are so adorable!!!!
Margaret B

Hef's Mom said...

I gotta tell Hef to stop sending champagne over there, hope you have fun with your friends!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Those bunnies of yours have the cutest faces and ears. And those little rabbit expressions are so dear!

gail said...

Hi Shell,,, Poor Razzy, I hope he is not mad anymore! Hopefully him and Sugar can be together again soon. I love that last photo. He is such a photogenic little guy! Have fun creating. Have a pretty week. I am sending prayers for you and your family. Hugs, luv, gail

Susan said...

The look on his face in that last pic is enough to stop a clock...yowza! Great tale...

Kim Di Maggio said...

Shell, you are precious, I mean precious!!! Where is that little book that you are going to write? You already have it started with those wonderful photos. Don't change a thing. Looking forward to see if Razzy has this romance figured out next week!


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

awwww pore baby. He's just a little lover boy.


Anna said...

oh how sweet those little rabbits
I love all kind of animals!!!

you can visit

to see my new born duckling REMY!!! He is such a cutie too!
Hugs, Anna

The French Bear said...

Hi Shell, I just popped in to say hi and I have put your name in my giveaway! I am entering all my followers for being there for me, and I am so grateful for my blogging friends I am adding more things on Friday!
Have a happy day!
Margaret B

Unknown said...

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen Shell!!!! Razzy is the cutest, I just want to squeeze him!!!! Uggghhh!! I cant stand it, lol! How do you get anything done with those cuties around??
Love ya,

KatCollects said...

These are just the sweetest pictures of your bunny babies. I am so happy they have such a loving home.

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