Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's Up Wed, oops, it's Thursday

Well so much for posting yesterday. The day got by me and then had book club at night so that got by me too. It's 6:24 am so that counts for something. hee,hee,hee!

I just wanted to share the coolest things I'm offering for sale on my site. Bunny Embroidery Scissors!!!!! Years ago one of my quilting students gave me a pair as a gift and I have always treasured them. My new patterns and stitcheries will be coming out very soon and I will be carrying all the "Hare Necessities" to go with them! Fun huh?

These reproduction "Hare" embroidery scissors were cast in France. They are forged stainless steel and I think they are the perfect little set of scissors for any bunny loving, stitching enthusiast.

Hop over to my site under "Hare Necessities" if you would like to purchase a pair for yourself or as an Easter gift for that Somebunny special.

See ya Sunday!
bunny hugs,


The French Bear said...

Those are so sweet!! Is that some of your work under the scissors? Beautiful!
Margaret B

C. C. said...

I wish it were my birthday! I would love those sissors!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit! I sure do like your bunnies.

C. C.

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