Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Hay" What's Up Wed, April 15

"Hay" what's up? Razzy and Chloe are enjoying some hay. Of course I'm always telling them to eat their hay cause it's good for bunny bellies. I say this in a baby bunny talk and they seem to listen. Well kinda..... yes... I'm nuts....can't help it... they're cute. hee,hee,hee
So this is the other piece I completed this weekend. This is my "Roses for Laura" pattern. This piece was custom ordered, but I'll have the pattern done soon so you can make one for yourself if you like. It's really fun! Measures 16"x20".
Then I have to wish my nephew, Jonathan, a very Happy 7th Birthday! Love you my sugar! Happy Birthday!
Love auntie.


Sharon said...

I love the "Roses for Laura" pattern~ either colorway~ although the blue was mighty pretty.

Diane Duda said...

Love the bunnies, love the pattern!!!

Patricia said...

That will be such a beautiful pattern, I love the piece. I'm sure that will be a popular one.

Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Frangrance and Findings

gail said...

Hi Shell, I love the roses for Lauren. Its so pretty. I am glad the bunnies are being good and eating their hay! And a very Happy Birthday to Jonathan!
Have a great week,,, gail

The French Bear said...

Beautiful!!!! Love the rose!!! HB to your nephew too!!!
Margaret B

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely bun photos and crafts in this and the previous post

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday Jonathan!!! Hope you had a great time celebrating :)