Saturday, August 23, 2008

Me and My BA

I have an Arts BA. Yep, I sure do. Now don't go getting all impressed or anything. In reality, I'm not the college type. My Art BA stands for an "Art Blog Addiction." I'm totally addicted to artsy blogs. I can't get enough of the them. If you look to the left you will see "places we like to hop to." My oh my are there some fun places there. It's totally addicting. One takes you to the next and then to the next and then you've sat at the computer for two hours and had lots of coffee and are really super hyper and.. and... and... Now you see my problem. I really love to read about people and learn from people and share their experiences. For me, this is the most incredible way to learn something.

Of course, I know some of my teacher friends out there were momentarily impressed that I actually had a BA. Baaahhh Hum Bug. I really wanted to go and get some sort of degree, but I am a really bad test taker. I freeze up even when I know the material. I get so scared and I suck! I do have an associates degree in "office systems technology," (aka I'm a fabulous secretary), but it was an easy degree to get because it involved doing things. It's all the other crap you have to take to get a four year degree that I just couldn't handle. Trigonometry... still have not used it. History of the pigmee, aborigome, one legged, cross eyed pigeon tribe... still don't need it. I wanted to skip all the crap and take all the classes that would get me to where I wanted. They say you need to take those other crap classes to be rounded, believe me, I'm rounded. Most people only stay rounded until they get their first job and then they have a mortgage to pay, kids to raise and bills out the wazoo! Rounded... forget it! It's SHOW ME THE MONEY time.

My personal opinion is that everyone should take the Meyer's Briggs test when they are in 10th grade. It would save parent's a crap load of money and students at least 15 years of their lives trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. I hardly know anyone that is working in the field of their degree. Let's face it, we are who we are and that never changes. It's what makes the world so wonderful.


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