Monday, June 9, 2008

PSA and The Pink Chunky Bunny

We all have them. Addiction's that is. Some worse than others. Alcohol, gambling, eating, etc. Some have more than one. I fall into that category being a crazy bunny lady and all. However, it wasn't until recently that I noticed my newest addition even though I have suffered from it for at least 9 years. PSA, it's true. I have PSA big time. What is PSA you ask???? Ohhh, this is embarrassing. It's, it's, it's, well, it's Paint Swatch Addiction!!! I just can't help myself! I Looovvee paint swatches. There, I said it. I'm so bad that I collect paint swatches for my friends, put a ribbon through them (cause everything's prettier with a ribbon) and make them carry them around when they go shopping so they won't buy things that don't match their colors!

I went to Lowe's the other day to have a key made. I really, really tried to walk past the paint swatches and not look at them. I talked to myself the whole time. You don't need them, you don't need them, don't look at them, keep walking, but then my beloved Laura Ashley swatches shouted out to me, "don't you want to see my new colors." Yes, Laura, yes I do! I stood there just petting the pretty colors. What's bad is that I can't get just one swatch of my favorite colors, I have to get two of each in case one gets lost or wrinkled. So, I pay my $1.80 for my key and walk out the door with my giant, double fisted, heap of paint swatches. I know the fella behind me was thinking, "her poor husband, and OMG she's got pink in there!"

Then the most incredible, unbelievable thing happened to me. You see, even though I get my swatches from Lowes, I have them color matched at my Glidden paint store. I love their paint. The manager of the store is use to me sending my clients there for swatches and for paint. My painter only uses Glidden paint, so the manager knows me. Well the other day I sent my coworker, Stevie, to the paint store for, you guessed it, swatches. Stevie calls to tell me that they are out of the particular swatches I need for a client. I'm a bit agitated, but maintain my calm. Stevie then tells me he has a surprise for me. Ohhh boy! I love a surprise! What is it????? He won't tell and says I have to wait till he gets back to the office. Well, I never dreamed I would get this wonderful surprise. Apparently, the manager of the paint store loves the fact that I love swatches and loves the fact that I love his paint and loves the fact that I send everyone there to shop. He had decided to give me..... Are you ready????? The "MOTHER LOAD OF PAINT SWATCHES." Yes, it's true! I have the entire "Master Collection" (see it on the box) that is only given to managers of stores and high profile designers. Me, little ole' Shell, has the "Master Collection." This gift, in it's pretty carrying case, is like 100 more times more fabulous than getting the big box of brand new crayons at Christmas, which I told the manager while I thanked him over and over and told him he made my entire year! Of course he laughed as he knows I'm a bit whacked!

So, does this mean that I will stop getting swatches from Lowe's, Home Depot and wallpaper stores. Probably not. I mean hey, an addiction is an addiction right?

Now, as for the pink chunky bunny. This is something my pink sister's at Make Mine Pink will appreciate as they are now fans of Razzy (aka Chunky Bunny). How perfect is this? I found this fabulous pink, chunky bunny and just had to bring it home. It looks like a Buddha Bunny. I've heard that if you rub the Buddha's belly, it will bring luck and money. I wonder if it will work on a Pink Buddha Bunny Belly. Say that fast after a few glasses of wine!

Hugs to all and have a fabulous week.

This week IGF my nephew bunny, Fatty, getting better after his toe amputation and the fact that my wild bunny friend, Silfay, is still living in my yard and not smushed in the road.


Sharon said...

That is just too funny~ your own paint swatches~ now you will never sleep at night~up all night looking at new colors! I love Bbuddha bunny~ I would rub the Buddha bunny belly each time I walked by~ If I could.:-0

Craft Diva said...

omg, shell...i am in tears laughing at you with the paint swatches. you are a riot of a dorkwad, my friend. oh...and how can i forget budda bunny? that is great!

i am glad your bunny is not smushed in the road too.

love, your dorkwad friend...carolyn

Susan said...

This is hysterical...or would be if I did not admit that I have 20 paint swatches...not to mention the free booklets...that I just added to my collection last Friday!!! BUT..I did buy a gallon of "oops" paint for $10, so I can justify that stash...however, the other perhaps 100 or more...sigh...
Susan (dutchrose)

Dianne - Mama's Pocketbook said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so jealous and also so convicted! Michelle - this is too funny - I also am addicted to paint swatches (though I never admitted it to myself or anyone else before!)

In fact I was in a cleaning frenzy the other morning when I couldn't sleep and got up at 4:30 and in my blitz I actually threw away a handful of swatches! GASP! In the moment I was thinking ok, I really have to get serious here and stop hording everything so I can have a zenlike peaceful home (yeah right!) and later I thought What the heck?! Those swatches didn't take up that much room :( but then I figured hey, now I can go get new swatches!! Thank goodness they are free :)

Love the Bhudda Bunny ... rub his tummy for me would ya?

Love ya girl!!

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Michelle, I think we have the same addiction. I love paint swatches too. Just looking at them makes me happy, so I definitely understand what you mean!

Pei Li

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Michelle, You are so funny! I was ROFLOL at your PSA story! Love the chunky bunny--too cute!

Patricia said...

Shell--you have got no idea how badly I needed this laugh tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That sure is the Mother Lode of paint swatches--when are you putting the ribbons on the groups?

Buddah Bunny is terrific, rub his tummy for me, okay?


lisa said...


Love the Budda Bunny, adorable. The paint swatches are amazing. I would look at them all the time.


Lilli Blue said...

You nut!LOL Not such a bad thing to be addicted to at all.

Janet Bernasconi said...

LOL Michelle you sure made me laugh with the paint swatches! I have many too! :-O :-D Thank God I am not the only one!
And what a cute chubby bunny! oooh I could just squeeze it! lol
Loved your Show and Tell. Can't wait to see what you show us next week.
Janet's Creative Pillows

Cottage Flair said...

I throughly enjoyed your entertaining post. I own two Ben Moore full paint swatch sets and I Love having it. Sometimes people are in awe that I am "important" enough to have my own sets. Great chunky bunny!

Inka Thomas said...

Oh Shell,
I did not realize that there was a name for my addiction...Yes I too have it. My drawers are so full of paint swatches that you can't even close them. Sometimes I will take them out and just look at the pretty colors...Ok maybe after the bottle of wine. My Mom was looking for a color to paint her sewing room and I told her to go to Lowes or Home Depot and get a bunch of paint swatches that made her feel good!!! Too funny. Are we sisters or just cousin dorkwads??

Cara said...

OMG Shelli! ROFLMAO!! That was great! I agree there is definatley something to any sample of color! Love Budda bellies! : )

Rose Petals & Blooms said...

Sweet Greetings Michelle!
I too am a paint chip! I get so many ideas from the multitude of colors, then try my hardest to match them, mixing my own paints. Every once in a while I'm actually able to! Not often, but enough to keep my fascination with paint chips

I originally stopped by to invite you to visit my blog...I'm featuring a Blog Contest this week, so, if you have time, I'd love to see you there~
Big Hugs,

Debbie said... crack me up! I love the paint swatch story....LOLOLOL And you are right, that really is a buddha bunny....hope he brings you lots of good luck!


Anonymous said...

Love your pretties and blog too!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

oh no! I thought I was the only paint swatch hoarder...sigh. We might need to start a "Paint swatch Intervention Club". A lot of mine are stuck in door and window trims, I sort of rotate them because I surely can't make up my mind :)


Rose Petals & Blooms said...

Whoo-Hoo Michelle!! You guessed it! It is the Parisienne set.. I'll be honored to add your name to the "Tulle Delight" first prize basket, and you're also added to the second prize basket, by simply
commenting~ Good Luck!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and playing! It was so sweet of you~
Big Hugs!

gail said...

OMG Michelle, you have me laughing out loudand I sitting here all by myself at work. I too have the paint swatch problem. I call it a problem, because I dont think I would consider me an addict. You win that one. LOL I have always thought there must be something you could make out of these. Can you imagine some cool craft projects using them. All of the home stores would suddenly be out around the country!
I love you chunky pink buddah bunny too! luv, gail

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