Monday, April 14, 2008

Only That Which Matters

What a perfect weekend. The sky was blue, the air was warm and I had time to clean, organize and weed out. Oh I just love a clean house. It makes me feel so good and refreshed. I do, well I should say, David has some serious nail holes to patch, but it's really not that bad. David says the walls are going to fall down from all the nail holes, but it really isn't that bad.

I went through the house like I do every year giving it a good cleaning. Every year I'm amazed at how much stuff accumulates. Stuff, stuff and more stuff. Stuff that people gave me, stuff I bought, stuff that I'm thinking, "why in the world did I buy that?" Upon looking around I saw my favorite, favorite things that I have had for years or that someone has made for me. Things that I would never be able to part with. Things that I would want to take to the nursing home. With this in mind I decided that I'm going to keep "only that which matters." I took down all the pictures that were just "fillers." I packed up all the nick knacks who's only purpose was to collect dust. I rearranged things so that now "only that which matters" is there for me to enjoy every day. David really loves it as he hates clutter too. However, he's still grumbling about the walls falling down from nail holes. It really isn't that bad.

By doing this, I feel like my mind has been uncluttered. I've simplified things so I don't get so anxious about all the stuff that needs to be cleaned. I will now have more time to spend with the real bunnies instead of worrying about the dust bunnies. In fact, I spent the whole day Sunday in my studio. I sewed and created something really fun (more on that later) and smooched and kissed and took photos of my sweet little fuzzy kids. As you can see from the photos, Razzy and Chloe were very happy to spend the day with me even if they did take naps.

Enjoy your week, do a little Spring cleaning, or just take a nap and enjoy doing "only that which matters."



This week I am grateful for napping bunnies and the fresh mulch in the flower beds (it's so pretty).


Alice said...

sounds like we're doing the same sort of thing! terminating clutter and wrangling dust bunnies....only you're not moving and packing!...jealous!! the stuff paradigm is a biggy for me, so glad to see you write about it. i consider myself a minimalist. only keeping that which i LOVE, or can move all by myself and better yet hopefully fit in between the pages of a book....except now with the buns they have so many accoutrements that i've had to pitch the book pages criterium out the window. i've moved 50 times since high school so stuff for me is the stuff that insanity is made of.

back to packing my grandmother 18 piece place setting of china that's 70 years old, all sorts of very fragile handblown glass and my shoe collection!


p.s. i can't stand those bunnies and i mean that in the best possible way of course! maybe i should say i can't stand being so far away from those bunnies....i love them!

Cathy said...


Love those bunny pics. It puts such a smile on my face. Too darn cute.

Have fun at the book club!


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