Monday, February 4, 2008

Running Down A Dream

Ok, so I listened to Tom Petty sing this song last night on the Super Bowl. I didn't watch the game, but happened to be eating dinner, reading a magazine, while David stood inches from the TV, one arm on the mantel, one arm in the air, screaming "you idiots!" Then came the half-time show. Tom Petty, what a normal, none controversial, none wardrobe malfunctioning, half-time show guest. Just a normal joe, well actually, Tom.

I digress. Anyway, he starts singing this song and as usual, I start singing too. What a great song indeed. "I'm runn'in down a dream, working on a mystery, going wherever it leads." Well, you know what that does for me. My wheels start churning, my mind starts going and I have to get up and get a paper and pen to write these thoughts down before they turn into a poof of pixie dust! (this happens more and more the closer I get to 40).

So anyway, I start thinking about the words. How long have I been runn'in down my dreams. Life really is a mystery, but I rarely go wherever it leads. Hmmm... why is that? How many of us have these wonderful dreams of things we aspire to be, places we want to see, houses we want to live in, art we want to create, stories we want to write, loved ones we want to spend time with, toilet's we want to clean, oh wait, that's not a dream, that's a reality check that's on my to do list. Oopps!

My main point is that we wait and wait and wait for the perfect time. Well, there is no perfect time! Nothing is perfect! The more we wait for "perfect" the older we become. Yet another year with our dreams fading behind us. Why do we do this? Why do we always put our dreams on hold? What if we just say, "I'm runn'in down my dream, go'in wherever it leads." How fun would that be? I double dog dare ya to do it and if you do, you better post a comment here on my blog and let me know so I can celebrate with you!

"No bird soars to high if he soars with his own wings." -- William Blake

Hugs and dreams come true,


I have three things this week for my gratitude list. First, my weekend with my sister. What a gift it was. (Love ya Beth-Anne). Second, my fuzzy bunny slippers. Cute, stylish and warm! Third, toothpaste. Able to combate the stink demons that enter our mouths at night. Thank goodness for the toothpaste warriors that take the wreched stench away. (you laugh, but think about it if we had no toothpaste) Hello!!!!

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