Monday, February 11, 2008

Come Out and Play with Me

Remember when you were little and you could hardly wait to get home from school so you could go out and play? Remember when you would just run for the pure fun of it, not because you were trying to work off that fat gut and butt you acquired in adulthood? Remember your make- believe adventures and stories that you would create? I miss it don't you?

The construction business is soooooooooooooooo slowwwww! For the first time in eight years, I'm bored!!!!! I'm a hyper person and I don't do the "relaxing" thing very well. My co-worker, Steve, was cleaning out the garage at work the other day and found a long piece of rope. I asked him to make me a jump rope. I don't think I have jumped rope in 17 years! He brought it to me and I went into the lobby of the office to give it a try. I wouldn't let Steve watch me in case I tripped, fell, busted my butt, or something of the like. Well kiddo's let me tell ya, it was FUN! I got pretty winded, but kept going until I could swing the rope and jump without the rope hitting the ground. Fabulous! Then, I got another idea. I wonder if I can still do a headstand? Hmmmm, can't recall the last time I did that, but I see it in the yoga magazines all the time. Heck, why not give it a try. So into my office I go. I put my head on the carpet, swung my legs up on the wall and woohoo, I did it! Of course, Steve happened to be sitting at my desk and I scared him. He remarked @#*?!! Shell, what are you doing? I laughed very hard and dared him to try. He didn't (chicken). I have done a headstand every day since. Now I'm even more professional in that I don't have to have my legs resting on the wall. I can balance them straight up in the air. Tonight I even split my legs apart and pulled them back up. David was quite impressed, although, I think he was thinking something sexual at the time. Naughty boy!

David is going to Daytona for the big NASCAR race with our friend Eric. This means Valentine's Day is wide open for me and my friend, Eric's wife, Michelle. We are going rollerskating! I'm so excited! I haven't skated in, oh, I guess, about, hmmm, 20 years! Now I do rollerblade around the neighborhood all the time, but roller skating is a different animal and a different sense of balance. Me being the clean freak that I am could not handle the thought of putting my little footies into some stinky rental skates. So I bought some! I've been practicing in the driveway. I believe I will need some bandages on my ankles for the blisters, but boy is it fun. When I was young I could spin around very, very, fast like ice skaters. So far I have managed to spin around four times before I feel like I'm gonna puke. I have a long way to go, but at least I'm having a good time making myself dizzy.

My point to all of this ramble is that I dare you to just go and play. No gym membership needed, no special outfits, no high profile water bottle. Just play. Play, play, play, play, play!! I may be almost forty, but at heart, I'm still a little tomboy who loves skating, dancing, crafting, laughing and standing on my head.

Have a great week and go out and play!



Vikki said...

High Five Shel, for reminding us exactly what it was that we did that was so FUN! It's one thing to say a trite "Have Fun"
It's a whole different story to say "Stand on your head", "jump rope" and "rollerskate".
Thanks for reminding me what the simple things in life really are.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome Vikki. I hope you get some time to play.
Hugs to you,