Sunday, December 2, 2007

And on we go!

Hellooooooooo! Our adventure continues! This week we got our footing dug, rebar installed, inspected, the concrete poured in and the batter boards put up for the brick masons. Our foundation will be 4 concrete block and a cap high. That's Matt operating the digging equipment. His father is David Boswell, of BOSCO. He taught Matt how to be a footing expert. We have used BOSCO for many years and they are one of our many treasured subcontractors. Thanks David and Matt!

This week we also got the temporary electric pole inspected and hopefully, my fabulous friends at the City will get us some power by Monday! In addition to that, we had brick, block, mortar sand, and mortar delivered so that our brick masons could build the foundation. That's Marvelous Marvin going over the blueprints with Gilbert and the other fella is a guy we call DJ as he is always singing on the jobsite. These guys are the best in the business. They can brick a house in a week! I try to bring them treats whenever I can. They just love candy and cookies! Of course, I also call them the "beanie weenie crowd." When they leave the jobsite, there are bunches of beanie weenie cans around. You'll meet the Bogangles chicken crowd, and the cinimon bun crowd in future postings. All these fellas are so sweet, but I feel like their Mama telling them to pick up after themselves. I may as well talk to the wall. Hee, hee, hee. See, I don't need kids, I just go to work and I have plenty!

This week, we will start the floor system, which needs to be inspected and then we will start standing up walls. I will go and pick all the plumbing fixtures, appliances, and the fireplace stuff. Fun, fun, fun. I love shopping! If there were a homeowner involved, I would be asking them for a draw on the construction loan to pay for all the work that has been done. I would also be keeping up with any changes made at this point. It is my responsiblity to type up all changes, make sure the proper subs get the information, make sure the proper subs complete the change and then collect the money from the homeowner for the change. However, since this is a Parade house, Gilbert, Steve and I are technically the homeowners. Since we have done this several hundred times, we rarely have changes. I usually have a vision for the house, stick to it and Gilbert lets me run with my ideas. I have to laugh at the folks that in the beginning of construction say they will not have any changes. They are the ones that have the most! I have been blessed with some of the most wonderful homeowners ever!!! In the past eight years there have only been three that were a serious pain in the butt! These people wouldn't be happy buying a happy meal! The other 100+ homeowners I truly love them, their homes, and I enjoyed my time with them. You know who you are!
I got lots of feedback from this blog and I'm so delighted that you are sharing this adventure with me. I hope you all have a fabulous week filled with fun, exciting and fabulous things!

Hugs to you all and see you next week,


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