Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Raleigh Quilt Show - Part 1


Last month I was invited by my friends, Molly (left) and Babbs (right) to take a little road trip to Raleigh, NC for the Quilt Symposium show. Of course I hopped at that fun opportunity!

First, we went to Wish Upon a Quilt. What a great shop. Molly and Babbs had a really good time collecting fabrics there. I got a few things too, but have put them away and now I'm too lazy to climb the stairs and take a photo. Haaaaaaaaaa! I did use one of the pieces in a new stocking pattern that is coming soon, so stay tuned. :)

Next, we went downtown to have lunch. We ate at this fabulous place.

A vegetarian's heaven for sure! This is what I got. It's a Veggie Roti Quesadilla. It is a three-cheese quesadilla with house made quick kimchee cabbage, tandoor charred onion, homemade roti (flatbread), Chimichurri crema, green leaf lettuce and cilantro "slaw". YUUUUUUUUMMMY! I did have some kick to it though, but I like spicy food.

Then we headed to the Symposium Quilt Show. FUN! Here are some of the gorgeous quilts on display along with the information on the quilt and the maker. The first three photos are close ups of the quilt Molly and Babbs are standing in front of. Can we say Gorgeous!

I will share part two of this post next week, so be sure and hop back next Wednesday.

Light, love and hugs,
Michelle and the Bunnies


Peninith1 said...

Thanks for the great photos from a great show!!

Rabbits' Guy said...

As I scrolled down the beautiful work I just thought - "Wow - imagine if those folks hadda put all that energy and time into filling pot holes all our roads would be drivable again". But then I came to the Snowy Owl and so all is just fine - Snowy Owls rock!!! And it is a dandy rendition.

Had 4th of July with some folks including a couple: he Korean, she Thai. They made some native foods. Thank goodness she said "Don't eat the little red things!" Quite a kick too!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Spectacular first quilt - lovely pieces in each it's own realm. But the whole cloth - wow.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh, that OWL! Goodness, I do not have the patience for making this, but I COULD look all day long at the details in each quilt that say so much to me. Absolutely stunning.

Mornin', Shell!

Createology said...

Quilts are such an amazing art form and I never tire of seeing how each one is created. The time and talent it takes is far beyond me and my skills. To see these in person would be even more spectacular. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with friends...

Janet said...

What a fun time you had...the quilts are super...thanks for sharing ,😊

Janet said...

What a fun time you had...the quilts are super...thanks for sharing ,😊


Boy is that a lot of work on those quilts--my favorite one was the owl one with the real feathers--I have a big collection of bird feathers so now I have my thinking cap on!!!
love and laughter, di

Jeri Landers said...

Splendid work by true needle artists! What a joy to see such perfection. Good to see you again too! I really love the new house, it has such a warm light to it. Must be wonderful living in a home you had built the way you like it.

Elvira said...

Preciosos quilt, los acolchados magníficos,
Gracias por mostrarlo