Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A hop into Carlene's Quilt Cave

Hi ya! I'm so excited to show you the quilt cave of my good friend and number one stalker, Carlene! I know you are going to fall in love with her space. Carlene calls herself my number one stalker as she loves making my Folk Art Fusion designs. She made my "Lord and Lady Bugs" quilt for her grandie daughter. Carlene is full of energy and is so much fun to be around. So are you ready? Let's get hopping!

First, before we get to the quilt cave, I have to share these photos of her house. It is gorgeous!

This is a window treatment she made for her powder room, which has an apron theme. These are all aprons!

 There are little aprons hanging above the door.

There are apron quilts and little aprons hanging all over the room. Isn't this a cute powder room?

This gorgeous pie safe is in her foyer. Love!

I love this vignette. Everything is so charming.

She even puts old spools around her house plants!

Don't you love the little displays in the old sewing drawers?

None of us can resist a bunch of buttons. 

I love the old tilt table and how she has the items displayed. 

Carlene also collects old crocks. 

The crocks were all over her dining room. 

This is one of the cutest ideas. She and her husband, Donnie, took old yard sticks and added them to the side of her kitchen cabinets. CUTE!

 I do love a quilt ladder!

This quilt hangs on the door on the way to the quilt cave. 

This is the sign that greets you as you walk down the stairs.

Then another sign as you turn the bend. 

 First stop is this wonderful craft area.

I love how these ribbons are displayed. 

I also love how she and Donnie took a piece from and old dresser mirror and used it as a quilt hanging display. Clever!

This is the bathroom in the quilt cave. 

Adorable thimble collection. 

I know you are loving this rug and want one. Carlene said it came from IKEA.

I really wanted to steal this chair. It looks so comfy and the perfect place to sit and stitch. 

Sweet little baskets hanging beside the quilt.

All around the cave, Carlene has quilts displayed.  (That kind of rhymes doesn't it? hee,hee,hee)

Here she is telling me about her laundry basket full of scraps, which was to die for!

Now isn't this a fabulous way to display your fabrics? LOVE! WANT!

Third quilt down. Too funny! ;)

She also had lots of little vignettes of antiques.  

How about an old quilt in an old window?

One of my favorite things about her space was all the natural light. Sunlight beaming into a room makes me feel alive and inspired. I could work in her forever!

She has a lovely view into the backyard from her sewing table. 

 This piece is so pretty with the blue and green colors.

This fancy fish was on her design wall. She was working on this piece for part of Shannon's challenge. The eye is so cool!

Another little area for crafting. 

Donnie made this piece. It is from an old sewing machine. He mounted it on a piece of wood to make a piece of art. Again, very clever!

Lastly, is this little diorama that someone found for Carlene in a thrift shop (I think). Isn't it cute. What a perfect home it has with her.  

Carlene and Donnie invited me, Shannon and Qwen over for dinner when I got there on Friday night. It was such fun with good friends and delicious food.

Thank you Carlene! Big bunny hugs!



RoseMary Baty-Willcox said...

Thank You so much for sharing Carlene's Quilt Cave
I wish I had her energy.
Feel like I'm still in Woodbridge

ferne said...

Love her whole house, but I would never come out of that cave. The picture with the aprons has a quilt with 5 aprons...I made that quilt and it was such a fun project! Hers is really cute!

Jenny Bonynge said...

A very creative cave indeed! Charming and colorful much like the dweller I imagine...

Rabbits' Guy said...

Mom had a button jar. Just the thing for a kid cooped up in the house on a rainy day!

(That lady has a fab house and all, but what about moving?)

paulette said...

WOW! Loved the cave! Blew my socks off!

Binka said...

Love it! Interesting way to display favorite works. I am beyond inspired! And I found several little items that gave me ideas for my own craftmaking.

Lesley said...

What a fabulous home and sewing space. She is so creative! Thanks for sharing with us!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOod morning bunny sister! AND a hearty hello to such a talented guest here. I hope you are enjoying the time as it goes by toward a new home, a new town, and new possibilities. AND I thought of you on Sunday; we went to the HOPPY HOUR, and watched and photographed some pretty dynamic rabbits. Must send you a few photos. LOVE!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

This was so much fun to view! :)


Ohhhh--I just love that cave and that house--wished I was a little mouse so I could enjoy it all the time!!!
and I would promise not to chew on anything just look and admire--thanks for all the photos--
smiles, di

Jackie said...

Thank you for sharing Carlene's home and her quilt cave. Beautiful!!

Createology said...

This is such a warm and inviting home and they truly live what they love. Cozy, comfortable and heartwarming! Thank you for sharing...

Jules Woolford said...

Yes, you were right! I loved it. Carlene's home gives such a warm feeling too - even just through the photos.x

jsews said...

What a wonderful creative space. Is it always that orderly?? I can see why you would like to sew in there.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

What an inspiration to see Charlene's quilt cave! I also love all the natural light that spills into the SPACE. HUGE space!
Thanks for sharing.

Gwen said...

I've been in her house 100 times, yet didn't notice all the little things you had in your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Gwen :)

Rhea Mae Escalera said...

Thank you very much for sharing your experience in Carlene's quilt cave :D
her quilt cave is very lovely :) I want to go there soon :)
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