Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Catching up - Checking in - Going slow

Hi there! Boy oh boy have I missed you! I feel like I have been gone for years. It's amazing how fast the time is going by. Of course, I say this ever single day as I'm sure you do too.

Here's a recap of the past few weeks.

We said goodbye to our home, Rosewood Cottage in New Bern, on July 4th. It was bitter sweet for sure. Fourteen years ago we were building this house. There are so many wonderful memories that were made here. We will treasure the years we spent in this house.

While it was sad to leave our house and our dear friends, we were also excited to begin our new adventure in Wilmington. We had been in New Bern for over twenty years. This is the site of our new home, which is scheduled to be finished around Thanksgiving. The neighborhood, yard and house will be much smaller, but we are looking forward to less upkeep. Also, we are blessed once again have a pond behind our house. Who knows, maybe we will even have a new peep family. ;) I will share the progress of the house with you.

Captain and Eric helped us move to Wilmington (Thank goodness! Thank you!!!). We all learned two very important things from moving ourselves. One, it was much easier to do when we were 20 years younger. Two, we will never do it again. At our age, it's easier to write a check! hee,hee,hee.

Captain gave me this beautiful picture frame she had made. I cried...The photo was taken at our going away pool party. I'm grateful we are only 1 1/2 hours away from each other so we can visit often. Plus, I chat with her and Lyd every week on the phone. It's something I look forward to. Miles don't keep good friends apart. Right Jules? ;)

We rented an apartment for six months while the house is being built. We have nicknamed the apartment "The Storage Shed." We haven't lived in an apartment for over 25 years. It feels like a hotel to us as you can hear all the noisy neighbors above us. Not to mention, we only unpacked the necessities and there are boxes all over the place. Plus, it smelled like a wet dog when we moved in. Stinky! However, the best things about living here is that it only takes 20 minutes to clean the entire place and the "Trash Fairies," that's what I call them, come Sunday through Thursday to pick up our trash. We simply put our trash can outside our door after 8 p.m. and the Trash Fairies come by and take the trash away. Of course, they charge $25 a month for this whether you want them to do it or not. So you can cool believe I'm going to use their services!

Sabrina is finally starting to adventure out of our bedroom. She was not happy about the move at all and meowed the entire drive here. I felt so bad for her. She was so scared. I can only imagine what was going through her mind.

This is the chair that was in our bedroom and the chair she likes to scratch her nails on. Thank goodness she can't hurt it. I put it back in our bedroom again, even though there isn't much room. I put a quilt over it and made her a "cat fort" in which to hide. It includes her bed and her toys.

As you can see, she is very happy with this arrangement. ;)

Hannah did very well on the trip as she is use to riding in the "to-go box." She settled right into her new space like the good girl/employee she is.

"Mama, I do believe you owe me some extra treats after all of this. Oh, and I better have a really nice corner office in the new house. In addition, I will be making some adjustments to my employee contract. Just say'in."

Bunnies.... ;)

Bunnyville has been set up in the second bedroom. I love all the bright light coming into this room. Plus, you know I love trees and the view from the windows is just beautiful. There are Magnolia trees everywhere!

Now that I'm temporarily settled in, I'm inspired to get back to work. This is a sneaky peeky of one of my new Folk Art Fusion classes. His name is Seamore Seahorse. He sells seashells at the sand-"dollar" store. Hee,hee,hee. I crack myself up! Anyway, I will show more of him later and update you on my classes.

I received this beautiful card in the mail just before I left. It was handmade by Heidi Clark. She has followed my blog for years and sent this card in memory of Harrington. Inside was a beautiful hand written note and this quote,

"Until one has loved an
A part of one's soul
remains unawakened"
            - Anatole France

Thank you so very much for this lovely card and your caring words Heidi.

Every morning I think of Harrington. He loved morning and breakfast. I miss him so very much and honestly, it still doesn't feel like he has been gone a month already.

I took this photo as I was walking past Captain's yard on one of my last morning walks through the neighborhood. When I took the photo, it made me laugh to see a "turtle and a hare" together in the yard like that. My mind went wild with all sorts of conversations they must have been having.

When I look at it now, it makes me think about moments in time. How some moments, like time with my friends and beloved animals and time spent creating, I want to go so very slow like a turtle. While other moments, like waiting for the new house to be finished, I want to go so very fast like a hare. 

As I've grown older and have begun simplifying my life more and more, I have realized how my slow moments now outweigh my fast moments. I have time to savor each simple, slow moment, like having a chat with Betty Box Turtle, while she ate her breakfast. Yes, I do enjoy going slow. 

Light, love and hugs to you. See you next Wednesday.



tink's mom said...

Glad for the update. Things are sounding so positive and upbeat. I expect nothing less. Love the shot of the turtle and the hare. Enjoy the journey.

Christine M said...

Hi Shell. It's lovely catching up with you. How exciting to be building a new house. I've never done that. I look forward to seeing progress. Hugs, Christine xx

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for catching us all up with you and Bunnyville - it's Bunnyville no matter where you are. The turtle and the hare - such a tale of wisdom.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Good to hear from and see everyone there. Looks like progress of the proper sort!

Createology said...

How very special to read your updates and know that you are safe and settling in to your new life. You are such a good momma to make certain Sabrina and Hannah are well taken care of in the transition of moving. Seamore Seahorse is very dapper and in gorgeous sea colors. High on Life July Dear...

Jeanette said...

Hi Shell, so happy to see your post & to read about your adventures. Love the cat fort. Lovin' Seamore he's so cute. Funny to see the bunny & tortoise together. Hugs, xx

Debora Hoffmann said...

Beautiful post, Shel! So glad you're sharing your new adventure with us. Love the seahorse, too! Hugs, Deb and the Crew

Fiona said...

so good to hear how it is all going.... you will soon be feelign right at home...

Lesley said...

So glad to hear you are settled in now and starting to build your new house. Love that you will have a pond close by again! Enjoy creating in your new abode!

StitchinByTheLake said...

You're going to have so much fun on this adventure - even apartment living will become a treasure trove of memories. :) blessings, marlene

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOod morning dearest Shell,

My internet service was down all morning long and I just can't handle being disconnected from you, my dear friends.

WOW. That photo of you and your husband waving goodbye to the New Bern home is powerful. Goodbyes are just part of our lives. But your new adventure will be just that: an adventure to take in, process and from which you will create new motifs - I just know it!

AND MISS HANNAH-BANANA looks very at home, she does! teehehehehheh

I have missed you. I have not wanted to inundate you with any emails for fear that I'd overwhelm you. You have many friends who love you and I'm sure you have a lot to catch up with! I miss Harrington too, and like you, I am enjoying every single moment of each day. Life is priceless. Be well, WE LOVE YOU!

JudyCinNC said...

I am so excited to hear about your adventures ... moving is not for wimps. I played Christmas in Dixie on the 4th for you since I knew y'all were moving that day. Thought of you a lot.

The hare and the turtle philosophy sounds like my life the past year - going slow and naps are so under rated. Hee, hee Looks like Sabrina and Hannah are adapting nicely with their new home thanks to your tender and caring heart.

The knew design is beautiful and so glad you started right back in designing with all the things I am sure you want to explore around you. Enjoy Shell and catch us up again real soon. Judy C sends hugs

Heather said...

Oh dear Michelle. I have somehow missed your last few posts and am so sorry to hear of Harrington's passing. Good luck in your new apartment and in the building of your new home. It has been just over a year since our last move and I can't believe how much happier I am now that we are settled in . Downsizing is no fun but the end results are well worth it!

Sherri said...

Hi Shell! So glad you are getting somewhat settled in. John and I lived in an apartment for 3 months while our house was being built. It was completed after that time so we lived with our older daughter, Megan and son-in-law Ken for another month. It is all worth it thought once you are settled in your new home :)!. I love the new seahorse sneak peek!! Love the colors!! Can't wait to see your new home progress!! Hug Hannah!! I'm sure she misses Harrington too!

Anna said...

I love the house building part...hate the moving part LOL thank you for the update!

Jules Woolford said...

You are absolutely right my sweets! (Just try and get rid of me!)Love the photo frame btw - Captain is a total star.


Hi Shell--was wondering how you where and the fur balls where doing!!
so glad for the update--
and I do love the colors in the Seahorse design--
those are the colors I am thinking of doing in my new place--
I did get a call last week about my place in FL--but they wanted me there in 2 weeks--and cause of some bookwork it wouldn't work out--
need to do 30 notice--but I am the next one on the list so it shouldn't be long now--I have been slowly going back through what I thought I wanted to keep and getting rid of more--lots more--yet at times even getting down to the basics--I feel like I have too much stuff--!!!!!
Happy designing--Smilesandlove-

Tina said...

So wonderful to see your post! Wow! You guys have really been busy moving, setting up in your apartment, getting things in order for your new house, moving and oh! did I say MOVING??!! I love Sabrina's hideyhole and as always, Hannah's feet are just a crack up! I can't wait to see more of your designs (how have you found the time??) but I really love them. Love the bunny and turtle picture!!!

kristie said...

So glad the move went well. Hoping the building of the new house is without issues and your creativity endless.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

So good to hear from you Shell, sending you lots of hugs and so glad that the move went smoothly (but seriously, what were you thinking moving yourself??!). Glad everyone is settling in and so happy to see that you have your studio set up and are creating again, Seamore is wonderful! Hope that your new home gets completed in record time so you can get settled very soon my friend. Deb xo

Mosaic Magpie said...

Exciting new adventures! Trash Fairies....that's a new one!

Kris said...

What a wonderful post, Shell!! You brought tears to my eyes several times and made me laugh out loud!! What a fabulous new journey you are on and I am so glad you have David, Hannah and Sabrina to share it with you!! Can't wait to see your new home. Keep us updated, ok? So much love to you!! And tell Captain that the frame she made is fabulous!! :-))

Anonymous said...

I've missed you....reading your blog post today just gives me so much food for thought. November will be here soon the meantime, enjoy those quick cleaning days, no gardening or outside work...just go and enjoy the beach! Love to see your designing...and oh goodness....awesome picture to capture of the turtle and bunny!

Jindi's Cottage said...

Glad the move has gone well so far...and the furry ones have settled exciting to build your new home...that made me chuckle too to see the turtle and hare...

Mayleen said...

Thank you for this post, just what I needed today! Its encouraged me on my own road to simplify. Loved the turtle and the bunny!