Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chocolate Easter Wishes

Mama is busy in Bunnyville with some redecorating so Sugie and I decided we would show you how we redecorated our cottage.   
I decided I could use a larger garage door on the side of the cottage as I have a lot of "junk in my trunk."  Sugie prefers to greet the guests at the front door. Actually, she's just a nosey neighbor perkweed and doesn't want to miss anything.
Mama wanted us to be sure and tell you that even though we are super cute and she loves us more than anything, we are also a big responsibility. We can live to be 10 or 12, we have delicate digestive systems, we really don't like to be held and we party all night long and sleep the day away. She wants you to think twice about giving us to kids as an Easter present.
Chocolate bunnies, especially Lindt bunnies, make an excellent gift with no long term committment or expense. Plus, it's ok to pick these bunnies up by the ears.
Mama rescued Sugie from a really bad place where she was unloved and actually being shot at by a stupid man. All "everybun" ever wants is a little love. We hope that if you do decide to get a bun, you will rescue an unwanted Easter bun.

Love and Friends
Razzy and Sugie

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Annette F Tait said...

Happy Easter Shell, Sugie and Razzy :)
thank you for the excellent message - Wesley, Arabella and I agree wholeheartedly!

(and what great taste you have - we are half way thru one of those very same Lindt bunnies, nom, nom :)

The French Bear said...

Yes, the chocolate ones are good for me, as much as I love your two hunny bunnies!!! I love their little houses!!!
Margaret B

Jules said...

Thanks to you two for reminding everyone only to give chocolate bunnies! I hope you all have a very Happy Easter holiday!

Shirley said...

I know that if I want to make my family mad at me there is two things I can not do at this time of the year. One is to buy the boys a live chick or bunnie rabbit even how highly tempted I am. They have their dogs, and I dearly love them, so I will get them the chocolate bunnies. I do adore looking at yours and I really like the color of your hair. have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa Holtzman said...

Great post Shell. It's so important for people to realize the commitment and you expressed it in the sweetest way.
In case anyone is in the L.A. area, a great place to get a rescued bun is bunnyluv.

Happy Easter!

Hef's Mom said...

I think the bunny I got is porcelian, is that ok? I will post it so you can see I love the new banner at the top

gail said...

Thank you for a great message! I hope all in Bunnyville have a great Easter!
Hugs, gail

Crafty Green Poet said...

Happy Easter, all of you! Very important message in your blog post. I would only get a rabbit from the rescue centre.

joanne May said...

Ah Shell,
Razzy and Sugie look adorable as usual.:)
The new bunny house looks good, though it has been chewed by bunny teeth. Zigsa Cat likes biting cardboard too!:)
Thank you for your kind message about Ziggy.
I hope you are enjoying your Easter break and chocolates!
Bunny Hugs to you.

Rebecca said...

Wishing you a blessed Easter...

Rebecka said...

Have a very special Easter Day!

moramargaritaster said...

Wishing you a great and nice Easter.

Anonymous said...

I am a follower.
Love the blog - and thanks for the great Easter bunny message. Chocolate is definitely the go.
Happy Easter to you and yours,

Pink Velvet Bird said...

Soooo cute! Love them ears! :)

Cozy Little House said...

Parents should heed this advice on all pets for children, or for themselves for that matter. These pets are completely dependent on our love and devotion. And if they aren't committed for the long haul, they need to step back and think hard before making a rash decision. Well said!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shell! I am so glad you posted this about thinking twice about giving bunnies as Easter presents!! I HATE how many bunnies are bought on as whim at Easter and then neglected!!
I got four new babies last week. One is missing an arm :( My heart breaks for her. She is beautiful and gray.
I love Sugie so much and am so glad you rescued her!!
Love ya Shell!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Oh your beautiful buns have a wonderful home with you and this makes my heart so so happy:D Hugs to your precious ones. XO Mandy

KatCollects said...

Great post and great message! You have lucky bunnies to have you take care of them, and you are lucky to have them : ) They are adorable! I just posted new photos of my babies too. I hope you all had a beutiful Easter filled with Blessings.

Red Lipstick Style said...

hhhmmmm, I could use a bit of target practice at that horrid man. I'm awful, however, so I'd need to use a nice AK ;) tee hee

I'm so glad Sugie is safe with you! My bunnies are rescues also ;)

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi Shell happy belated Easter.
Love the new banner.
Give those babies some huggies from me.