Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bunny Kisses and an Irish Blessing

May the sun shine all day long, everything go right and nothing wrong. May those you love bring love back to you, and may all the wishes you wish come true.
--Irish Blessing



Cathi said...

What a lovely sentiment! And the bunny kisses are the icing on the cake!

The French Bear said...

Love our bunnies!!! I am suffering, broke my ankle and cracked my tail bone, but it was worth it, ha ha!!
I hope the weekend is good and you get some Irish blessings and good wishes!!!
Margaret B

Diane Duda said...

Those Irish sure know how to craft a fine blessing. :)


joanne May said...

Hi Michelle,
I thought I left you a comment but it looks like I have not!
So I Just hopped over again to say these are lovely bunnies and I like this Irish blessing very much.:)
Thank you for your visit and kind words. I am now following you and have put your blog on my creative site list.
Have a lovely weekend and may the sun shine on you too!;)
Jo May.x

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Such a beautiful sentiment Shell! And that picture is darling :)

MyJourneyBack said...

Lovely bunny kisses.
Thanks for sharing.

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

What could be more delightful a sight than those two sweet bunnies! I smile each and every time I see them!