Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's Up Wednesday, January 28, 09

Hey there! What's up? I haven't had much access to the computer the last few days as I have been doing a "final clean" on a house for some dear homeowners. They chose black, distressed cabinetry in the kitchen. While I do love the "looks" of them, and enjoy helping people decorate with different styles and tastes other than my own, they are a true pain the in butt to clean. I spent 5 hours today cleaning them!!!! My hands look like sandpaper! Yet another reason I don't have fingernails or paint them. Waste of time!

Anyhoo, I thought it quite perfect to tie into this weeks "Pink Friday" at Make Mine Pink. This Friday's theme is Winter Whites. I have to say that I looooove this theme. I love white cars, white houses, white walls, white furniture and especially white cabinets!!! White doesn't show dirt like most people think. In fact, dark colors show dirt and dust more quickly. White is calming, cool, and full of light. White makes simple things more important. Recently I have been in love with some Swedish blogs and Swedish style decorating. You can find them on my sidebar. I can't understand a word they are saying, but the pictures are pretty!!!

So, please join me and all of my fabulous "pinky" sisters this Friday for Winter Whites at Make Mine Pink. You might just find the perfect thing for your home, as a gift, a good read, etc. So much to choose from. Besides, it won't show the dirt and you won't have to spend 5 hours cleaning it!



Pink Friday ~ Winter Whites
I love winter~ long January days where the snow stretches until it blends with the low white clouds. No definition of distance, just shadows to foretell what is to come. Winter is clean, cold and refreshing. Snowy whites and creamy ivory swirl together creating a sense of calm. The air is still. The whole world seems at peace. As nature rests under a blanket of snow, time is spent in thought. There are books to be read, journals to be written, rooms to refresh, plans to be made for the garden. But nothing needs to move to fast. We have time. Winter is here and we can take things slow, time to relax and get lost in dream world of all white.
In January I always want to paint everything in the house a shade of white or ivory, maybe even beige or pale gray thrown in for interest. It is not cold and stark but rather clean and cozy. A late evening fire in a winter white room gives each item a glow~ the shadows are soft and relaxing. Plush white linens and fragile ivory lace beckons gentle serenity. A well appointed bed with piles of winter white linens topped by a cashmere throw just tempts me to open the window and listen for the stillness brought on by a blanket of snow. Then, just when one thinks the winter will never end; brave flowers peek up through the snow, the Jonquil, the Lenten Rose and the Prairie Pasque Flower. Their delicate flowers even more precious against the white snow, and the season begins to change.
Sharon WollmanDirector of Community Relations,Make Mine


Teriann said...


You have the most inspiring and infectious spirit. I enjoy reading your blog posts. Keep that spirit!!



Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

I love Whites too! Can't wait for this friday. Hope you have a good one!

Patricia said...

Oh our Shelly Bean, you always have such lovely posts. I love winter white as well, to look at. Do I have anything winter white = noooooo! Was going to make a couple of things and took a spill on the ice, can't straighten my arm for the moment! Arghhhhh! We'll see.

Bunny hugs to you,
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

gail said...

Hi Shell,,, I love white too! I love the white bunnies! I hope your having a nice relaxing evening. I will tell ya, since doing my own business and sewing, painting, making jewelry, there is NO way to keep nice nails. lol
Have a great week,, furry hugs, gail