Sunday, November 30, 2008

I only miss the Wrapping

It's here, the official "Holiday Season." Every year, same time, same place. This year, however, has been a weird one. It has not been business as usual for so many of us. It has been tough and the year ahead is unknown. I think we all are wondering. I think we all are a bit fearful. I think we all should just stop watching the news! Talk about needing depression meds!
I work fulltime in construction. New home construction that is. Of course, unless you have been living in a hole, you know what is going on with that market right now. The weird thing is that even though I am facing "layoff," even though I need a job to pay my bills, even though I'm not sure what the next six months will bring, I am happy. For some odd reason and for some weirdo belief I have, I feel there is a reason for everything and that my path of the past nine years is being adjusted. I feel a new direction coming. One that I've been waiting for. One that took me until I was almost 41 to find. I was worried, but now I'm not. I'm grateful for the "new beginnings" that will come my way. More on this later.

With all that being said, I have discussed the whole "Christmas" gift giving thing with everyone I exchange gifts with. Isn't it amazing that when one person has the guts to say, "why don't we just stop exchanging," everyone breaths a sigh of relief? I mean when you think about it, if I spend $20 on you and you spend $20 on me and the whole time we're really wanting to purchase something for ourselves for the said $20, but we can't because we have to by someone else something that they probably will "regift" or give to Goodwill, what's the point???? Stuuuupppid I tell ya! I started a new trend this year. I only buy for the little kiddo's. I told the adults to save their money and go buy themselves something they wanted and show me what they got with the money they didn't have to spend on me. Makes me so happy!!! It's impossible to buy for someone else when you're older. But.... we all want thing for ourselves! We all have something that we really want, but don't want to be rude and tell said relative "buy me this." Really, what's the point??

Everyone shouted with joy. Everyone thought it was a great idea. Everyone felt the weight lifted off their shoulders and Everyone thought about the gift they wanted to purchase for themselves.

I had the joy of purchasing from one of my favorite artists Diane Duda. I purchased a piece of her art entitled "She believed in spontaneous dancing." It depicts a blonde haired girl dancing with a bunny. Hellooooooooo!!! Can we say totally me!!!!! Love it!!!! Merry Christmas to me!!! A gift I will treasure forever! A gift I will keep! A gift that is all about me!! What will you buy yourself? Don't lie, I know you have something you want. The joy is in the giving. Giving what counts, not wasting money on what doesn't.

The only draw back, the only thing I find sad, the only thing I will miss, is the gift wrapping. I really enjoy wrapping presents and making them little pieces of art that people don't want to open because they are so pretty. I will miss packages under the tree. I will miss opening something on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. However, not having to spend hard earned, hard to come by, might not be there soon, money on something that someone might not like and instead get to purchase myself a gift that is truly meaningful, is well... perfect! Yep... the only thing I will miss is the Wrapping.

I hope your Christmas is filled with purchases that mean something to you. Truly, all that matters is time with friends and loved one's. Enjoying a meal together over wonderful conversation. Laughter and lots of it! Everything else is just icing on the already perfect cake.


This week IGF family and friends that know they are the perfect "Wrapping" on the perfect gift.


Susie said...

Hi Shell! Another wonderful blog! You are so right. We do the 'not to do gifts' in our family too. We concentrate on the little folk (who aren't too little anymore). Just getting a wonderful meal together and holiday festivities makes it joyous. Decking the halls. I just hung my "Santabuns" up today. I love, love, love it!
Pink hugs,
Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

Susan said...

I am sooooooo with you on stepdaughter asked my husband what I wanted...I said nothing...send a donation to the Humane Society in my name! I "gift" all year because my motto is "if you didn't send me flowers when I was alive, don't send them when I am dead!" So, if I see something I know someone will love,
bam! off it goes!!!
Susan *dutchrose*

lisa said...

Shell ~

Our family has decided to do the same thing this year. Only the kiddies will get gifts. I was the one that made the announcement and your right everyone looked so relieved. Thanks for this great post.


Carrie Gonzalez said...

Hi Shell, A wonderful post this week! We also only buy for the kiddies. It just got out of hand. It is something we have done for 2 yrs. now and it really is a relief. But I am with you. I miss the wrapping sometimes. Have a lovely week!

Patricia said...

Great post, Shell. We stopped a few years ago. It just got ridiculous. DH is one of 8, I'm one of 3 and everyone's married with children! Couldn't keep up with it any more. When it stopped being fun was when it had to stop!


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Hi Michelle! I totally agree with you. I think we're going to do the same in my family. There's just too many of us! Have a great one.

Lilli Blue said...

Great post Shell. I told my friends and family they are the gift. I say wrap up some boxes and put love notes in them. Tell people the things you have always wanted to say. Write a story or a favorite memory and wrap it up really pretty to open and be read on Christmas.Bless you and all the furries. Lilli

gail said...

Hi Shell, I love the idea as well. Its not too bad in my family though, very small. Just my sister and I. I love the idea to buy my own gift. I want an art easle and paints. I want to start painting again. I would love to see all of this nonsense stop. Since Christmas has kinda lost the meaning My idea is to be like the olympics, every 4 years. LOL Try to get Madison Ave to go along with that. This will probably be your best holiday yet!

I also am facing a layoff and not too concerned. I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same. Its gonna be great. Many pink hugs, gail

Silena said...

Hi Shell,
Wow, you are so right...this year I am gathering a bunch of old pictures and wrapping them so we can open them and just have a lot of laughs and memories. It is fun watching the teenagers see themselves when they were babies. But, of course, Christmas dinner is the best of all!!

Carolee Crafts said...

Well written and what a good idea, a group of us are doing Secret Santa, that way you only buy one gift for a name drawn from hat.

Your positive attitude to change is an inspiration and I agree new beginnings perhaps this was what we all needed to reassess.

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Shell,

I agree that is much easier to buy something for ourselves than for someone else! Glad to know that the holiday gift exchange has taken a weight off your shoulders!

Have a great week!

Pei Li

Marie said...

HI Shell,
I just loved reading this post. I used to love wrapping presents, but now I just do not have the patience to make them look pretty. Our gift giving has toned down too, and we are hapier for it. Thanks.

Patty/PinkHugsSweetShoppe said...

Great Post, We have done that for years and it has worked well for us. I sometimes cheat if I see somthing for my MIL or SISTER just because, but I do not show everyone else. I think its all about the rugrats anyway. There little faces say it all. Sweet pink hugs, Patty

Roxie said...

You always have great advice, thanks for talking about gifting ourselves, I think about this all the time. I love the idea of giving to the kiddos, they always dance with glee. The adults, not so much. LOL

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

When our family was still large we would draw names...and there was a dollar limit on the gift AND it had to be creative.
I looove the wrapping too so this year I am wrapping little things in a BIG Christmas tower so I still get the us it is about being together.


Sue said...

My gosh, as a tear falls from my eyes reading your blog, I feel the exact same way. Have felt this way for years, but even more so this year, with the economy the way it is. You definitely hit the nail on the head (pun intended!) with your post and I too, would miss the wrapping...and the opening. But the joy in the kiddos eyes is far more important. And of course keeping the true meaning of Christmas closer to us, than that of just presents...Thanks Shell for the wonderful post. I need a kleenex.

Teriann said...

Hi Shell!

Amazing... we're doing the same thing here. All of the kids are grown and gone and even the grand kids are grown and gone. No new kiddies yet.

We all decided to just gather and EAT. LOL!! Something we're all at doing!

Amazing... because we're all on the same wave length.



Debbie said...

Hi Shell......congratulations on being brave enough to say what everyone else wanted to say, and for getting yourself the perfect Christmas present! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Pink hugs,

Cindy - Angel Wings Cottage said...

Hi Shell - - - You are so right! It's silly to drive yourself nuts trying to figure out what someone else wants. Our family decided a few years ago to just buy for the kiddos. But my husband's parents and sister still insist on gifts - - oh me . . what do you buy someone who has everything in the world?? Well . . happy shopping to all!! p.s. Thanks for visiting my site and taking a look at my new cards! Hugs, Cindy O.

Debbie said...

Hi Shell...thank you for your sweet comments on my new website. :) I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

Pink hugs,

Rachelle of Anna's Illuminaries said...

Hey Shell,
You go girl!!! We haven't bought gifts for years and I have to agree that I miss the wrapping part too! But I do think the whole thing is rediculous :-)

(my husband calls me Shell too--short for Rachelle)

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