Monday, April 7, 2008

Eat Rainbows and Poop Butterflies

What kinda title is that for a blog post? I can hear all of you asking that question. As well as, "how much wine has she had?" Well, my sister and my nieces and nephew came for a visit this weekend. As a special treat, I took them the see Horton Hears a Whoo at the movie theater. During this one part there is this adorable little character that is fat, round, and has big eyes with a sweet toothy grin. She says, "In my world there's ponies and they eat rainbows and poop butterflies." I was quite impressed at how many adults in the theater knew this line and said it out loud. Could we all be searching for the utopia of eating rainbows and pooping butterflies? Hmmm. Could be. Needless to say, I laughed and laughed and have continued to share this happy little statement with everyone. Of course, the kids find it very funny that auntie thinks it's funny and they proceed to say it while eating their breakfast the next morning. As for me, the auntie, lets just pray that those rainbows have some fiber in them. Constipation of butterflies might be quite painful no matter how soft their wings are. (have I scared you yet?)

So anyway, the movie really was wonderful and being the total artsy geek that I am, I got lost in all the wonderful colors, animation, imagination and pure fantasy. I actually started designing things in my head that I could make with fabric. Lot's of artist get their inspiration from nature. All of my inspiration comes from people. Someone can say something and it makes me think of it in 3D. I love hearing about artists and how they came to create the art they do. I love to look at works of other artist, not to copy them, but to get inspiration to create something of my own.

Above is my bunny bag, which I am honored to say has been published in Haute Handbags magazine which is in the bookstore now. I still can't believe my little bag is in there and got a full page. I'm so darn excited! Dreams really do come true and worlds can be created by our thoughts. I bet we can even eat rainbows and poop butterflies if we just imagine it.

Have a fabulous week, oh, and I turned the music off the autostart. It's still there if you want to turn it on and listen to what I'm listening to. If not, enjoy the silence.



This week I'm grateful for three things: My niece, Laura, my niece Noelle and my nephew, Jonathan. Auntie loves you all dearly!

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